'cancelling plans is ok' tweet over 'gone girl' trailer

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This meme is here to tell you that canceling plans is OK

Do what you need to do.


Esther Bell


Posted on Jan 6, 2020   Updated on May 19, 2021, 6:45 pm CDT

Prediction for 2020: self-care memes will be everywhere. Between World War III and the stress of the 2020 presidential election, self-care is the number one priority. And now, the latest Twitter meme to go viral tells us that canceling plans is OK. Everything is justifiable in the name of self-care.

Twitter users are defending their favorite, but most absurd, movie plots as “coping mechanisms.” If you remember the plot of Gone Girl, Amy is painted as the villain. But Twitter users are using this meme to defend Amy as the true hero of the film, simply doing what she needed to cope. “Cancelling plans is ok. Faking your own death is ok. Making it look like your husband murdered you ok. Impregnating yourself with his sperm so he can’t leave you is okay. Do what you need to do to cope,” Twitter user @emamma_mia tweeted.

The meme format also works with everyone’s favorite free-spirited Greek hotelier, Donna, from Mamma Mia!

And Rose from Titanic.

Some Twitter users reminded everyone of their favorite underrated movies. “Cancelling plans is ok. Staying home is ok. Posing as a substitute teacher with no qualifications is ok. Refusing to teach the kids & forming a rock band with them so u can win battle of the bands & pay your rent is ok. Do what U need 2 do 2 survive,” Twitter user @bltwistxo tweeted.



Some users tweeted about their favorite kids’ movies, which are by nature, absurd. “Cancelling plans is ok. Living alone is ok. Having layers is ok. Talking to a donkey is ok. Wanting to know what they’re doing in your swamp is ok. Going on a quest to rescue a princess for an evil lord is ok. Objecting their wedding on a dragon is ok. Do what u need to cope,” user @houseandhens tweeted.

“Cancelling plans is ok. Being separated from family to then pursue your dreams in Paris is ok. Controlling a man by pulling his hair is ok. Living out your culinary dreams to support ur rat colony is ok. Do what u need to do to cope,” tweeted @grovymango.

And some tweeted about the creepiest show of all, American Horror Story. “Cancelling plans is ok. Drugging five hot boys at ur party is ok, chopping a boy’s head off is ok, stealing the mouth, nose and eyes of boys is ok, burning the head off a tall boy’s body to sew together your ideal bf w all the pieces u gathered is ok. Do what u need to do to cope,” tweeted @dubujinkles.

Though these tweets may not have truly been about self-care, they’re a nice reminder that we don’t have to deal with half the crazy things our favorite movie characters do.


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*First Published: Jan 6, 2020, 2:17 pm CST