Three panel screenshot from TikTok where family is refused service for clothing. First panel shows man taking off tanktop. Second panel shows man wearing Black shirt traded with mom. Third panel shows restaurant manager standing at doorway of restaurant.


TikTok video shows Black family being refused service at restaurant—even after changing clothing to follow dress code

The restaurant is now being review-bombed. ‘Not a safe place for people of color,' one reviewer wrote.


Jennifer Xia


Posted on Aug 5, 2021   Updated on Aug 5, 2021, 2:37 pm CDT

A TikTok video of a Black family traveling in Texas shows them being refused service at a restaurant over one male member wearing a tank top. 

“I’ve been following this vacation, and what I truly see is people being intimidated by a large group of Black people,” one viewer commented. “It’s bullshit.”

The video garnered more than 280,000 views and sparked a discussion on what it’s like to travel as a person of color. Restaurants are one public setting where Black people experience racial prejudice and discrimination. In a 2012 study on tableside racism in full-service restaurants, participants shared they experienced server negativity and discriminatory behaviors

TikToker @datmakeupartist films as her brother changes out of his muscle shirt and puts on their mom’s Black short-sleeved shirt. The TikToker says the Ravenna Italian Grille & Bar in Dallas refused to serve them because of their clothing. 

“They said tank tops are OK for girls, but not boys,” she says. 

The brother walks in the direction of the door still shirtless as the rest of the family tells him to put on the shirt. 

“Put the shirt on,” one family member says. “You’re going to fuck it all up.”

The brother puts the mom’s shirt on, and the family walks back up to the doorway of the restaurant. “Now watch us get our reservation now,” the TikToker says. 

But the family is still refused service. The apparent manager of the restaurant stands at the doorway as the family yells that they followed all the rules. 

“That’s not why we aren’t inside,” the TikToker says. What the manager is saying is inaudible, but he is shaking his head “no” and eventually walks away, sticking his middle finger up behind him. 

“Yo, flick us off!” the TikToker says. “Fucking dick. They racist. Fucking racist.”

Viewers online were outraged across both TikTok and Twitter. 

“PSA: If any establishment mistreats you in any way, please don’t attempt to spend your money at said establishment,” one user tweeted. “By all means, record the mistreatment, boycott, cause a shut-down if necessary, but PLEASSSEEEE stop trying to spend money at these places.”

People took it a step further and bombarded the restaurant with one-star reviews.

“Not a safe place for people of color even if you have a reservation,” one person wrote on Google reviews. “If the manager on duty doesn’t like how you look, you will not be allowed to eat here! My people of color, please be careful where you spend your money at.”

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Others were more comical and made their reviews outrageous. 

“Found a roach in my food. I complained and asked to speak to a manager and another roach in a suit and bowtie came out, punched me in my jaw, body slammed me into the table, and poured marinara sauce on my face. I gave it one star because the rats helped clean me up and called me an ambulance. It was disgusting, but I’m grateful at least the rats did something,” one review said.

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In response to comments saying the family must have been “belligerent,” the TikToker said these were just excuses for racism. 

“If they were white, this would be a funny video ending in them getting the reservation,” one user commented. The TikToker replied, “EXACTLY.”

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@datmakeupartist and the restaurant did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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*First Published: Aug 5, 2021, 2:31 pm CDT