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‘Clearly, you and the car in front of you were supposed to levitate so her royal highness could go first’: ‘Karen’ honks horn at cars in Biggby Coffee drive-thru

‘Can I help you? There’s someone in front of me.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A woman’s experience with a “Karen” in a coffee chain drive-thru has drawn interest on TikTok, where viewers have been quick to criticize the other woman’s pushy behavior.

Creator Makayla (@babyskaylaog) shared an initial video capturing the moment the woman honked at her, saying that she had been waiting in line at Michigan-based chain Biggby Coffee and talking to a friend when she caught it.

@babyskaylaog The woman behind me was honking at me to go when someone was at the window in front of me 😭😅🤦‍♀️ #karen #coffee #impatient #unbelievable ♬ original sound – Makayla Korreck

“Me just minding my business in the Biggby line sending a snap to my bestie when I caught this on camera,” a text overlay on the screen reads.

In the video with over 2.5 million views, Makayla is sitting in her car at a drive-thru when the car behind her honks as if to make her move forward, which she cannot do because there is someone in front of her in line. The video shows the TikToker rolling down her window to inform the driver behind her of this.

“Can I help you? There’s somebody in front of me,” she shouts out the window.

Makayla explains the situation in a follow-up video.

“Basically, I’m in the Biggby line, there’s a car in front of me at the window, and there’s the woman honking in the video behind me,” she says. “She pulls up after she orders, and she hasn’t even sat behind me for 30 seconds, and she honks her horn. So I look behind her, and she’s going, [*hand gestures*] like, expecting me to move up, so then I said what I said.”

@babyskaylaog I just dont get people. Idk if she couldnt see the car in front of me or just thought i was just sitting there but anyways 😂😭#WeStickTogether #karen ♬ original sound – Makayla Korreck

The woman had been complaining about the line to the restaurant staff, she says.

“I get up to the Biggby line, like the window, and the girls were like, ‘yeah, she was complaining about it at the order window already, and I don’t really understand why because there was somebody in front of you,’” Makayla recalls. “I was like, exactly. So yeah, she just had no patience.”

Viewers shared their own experiences with impatient drivers in various circumstances.

“A person beeped in the Dunkin line,” one viewer said. “I asked the girl if that happens often, she was like yeah it’s awful. I offered to sit there a while.”

“I had a lady literally rear end me, a love tap, no damage thankfully, at a Wendy’s drive thru recently,” another commenter wrote. “Asked her about it, then admitted it and tried to blame me saying I was stopping and going a lot ‘ma’am I was literally ordering/was there for like a solid two minutes what are you talking about?’ Mid-order too, I was hella confused, so was the window guy and I got out to look and she slowly backed up and pretended it didn’t happen.”

“A lady honked at me because I didn’t turn right when the light was green but there were people in the crosswalk like hello you have to wait,” a third user added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Makayla via TikTok comment as other methods of contact could not be identified.

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