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Viral TikTok shows racist with bicycle threatening to shoot Black man

'It's white Americans who own this country, not you!'

Jan 21, 2021, 11:01 am



Kahron Spearman

Viral videos that are now trending on Reddit show a bicycling racist shouting slurs and threatening to shoot Black men.

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@jmulababys uploaded the series of videos on TikTok, though it appears the original poster (OP) put them online in 2019. However, the videos didn't pick up much traction, and the bicycle racist wasn't identified at the time. But one of the videos was also posted recently to Reddit's r/PublicFreakout page, and now at least one social media user thinks they know who he is.

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The first part of the altercation shows the racist walking past a group of young Black men on a bike in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But he's not making much sense: The friends are dumbfounded, with the OP wondering if perhaps the bicycle racist was intoxicated. 

As he crosses the street, he declares, "It's white Americans who own this country, not you!"

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The second video, which has garnered the most attention with 1.8 million views, shows the racist wheeling back around to antagonize the group.

"I got a firearm on me, just so you n****rs don't follow me," he says.

"Damn, that's how you feel, man?" asked the OP.

"What'd you say? What'd you say, n****r?"

The boys are astonished by the racist's audacity and arrogance.

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The bicycle racist, from afar of course, says something is being "destroyed by n*****s. Yeah, you're walking because your communities are destroyed! Africa, no one wants to be there; that's why you're here."

Recently, @Mrskisha5 claims to have found the bicycle racist's identity, tweeting his name.

However, this information has not been verified by the Daily Dot.

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*First Published: Jan 21, 2021, 11:01 am