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TikTok bartender tears up over customers mistreating her because she gained weight during the pandemic

'People don't even look you in the eye anymore.'


Rachel Kiley


Published Jun 24, 2021   Updated Jun 24, 2021, 1:34 pm CDT

A bartender on TikTok is drawing attention to the differences in how people are treated based on weight, using her own post-pandemic experiences as frustrating examples.

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Cassidy Lane, who posts under username @body_positive_bartender, says she finally got help for an eating disorder that had been plaguing her, which contributed to her gaining weight during the pandemic.

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In a video with over 905,000 likes, she says her “whole life changed” with regard to how people treat her.

“If you are unaware, the way you look influences [working as a bartender] a lot. Whether that’s tips or how people treat you, it just does,” Cassidy says.

And after gaining weight, she says, “People don’t even look you in the eye anymore. They’re not nice to you. Especially men.”

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Commenters offered their support and understanding of her situation, with many chiming to share similar experiences.

“My weight has fluctuated all my life,” wrote @teresaelena77. “I am 100% treated nicer when I weigh less.”

“And skinny girls wonder why need the body positivity movement. We aren’t treated as humans because of our weight,” @mikachan365 agreed.

One user said Cassidy’s account actually made her feel better because “as someone who has been fat [her] whole life,” it made her realize people being rude to her isn’t “really a me problem.”

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Cassidy made her video in response to a prompt from @lizagnabathwater, who asked TikTok users with “pretty privilege” to talk about how the world treats them.

“Do you think that people are really nice?” the original poster asked. “Because I just recently got a degree of ‘pretty privilege’ and it has been insane how kind people are when they find you attractive. It is very …hurtful, I’ll tell you that much.”

It’s a sentiment that Cassidy herself clearly agrees with after her experiences with customers following the pandemic.

“It just makes you feel hopeless,” she said. “Like, am I ever going to be worth more than my looks?”

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2021, 12:44 pm CDT