Racist anti-masker gets kicked off plane, says it's 'because I'm white.'


Video: Racist anti-masker kicked off plane, says it’s ‘because I’m white’

'Why are you kicking me off the plane?'

Mar 4, 2021, 11:35 am*

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Kahron Spearman

A video with 7,000 likes on Reddit shows a racist woman not wearing a mask and claiming that she’s being kicked off a flight “because I’m white.”

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According to the poster of the video, the altercation took place last Saturday. The footage, shared on Reddit’s Fuck You Karen page, shows a woman pulling her mask down around her neck and arguing with several passengers, including at least three Black men. Others seated around her film the freakout with their camera phones.

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As a pilot and flight attendant approach the woman, she pulls her mask up to her face. The woman says, “I need to get to Las Vegas. Tell me what’s going on. I need to know now!” As she argues with the pilot, she again pulls her mask down.

It’s obvious she’s not going to be allowed to reach her destination on this particular flight. The woman says she needs to talk to someone about locating a flight and that she doesn’t “feel safe” exiting the plane.

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The person filming the video says mockingly, “I don’t feel safe, too.”

“Tell me what’s going on,” the woman says as she flaps her arms. “Nobody on this airplane is wearing a mask.”

Every other passenger visible in the shot is wearing a mask.

“Why are you kicking me off the plane?” the woman says to the flight attendant. “Because I’m white?”

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At her statement, other passengers groan and yell. The eyes of a masked white woman seated a few rows up go wide in shock at the statement.

One redditor commented, “Homegirls face sitting behind the kid was PRICELESS!!! She was just minding her own business trying to stay out of it and even she was like ‘whoop there it is!'”

At the direction of the flight attendant, the maskless woman grabs her bag and stomps toward the exit. “Fuck you, Black people,” she says. “I hate you.” Other passengers yell and applaud as she finally leaves.

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*First Published: Mar 1, 2021, 12:19 pm