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‘Call the police for trespassing’: Airbnb guests cover security camera in viral TikTok, sparking debate

‘This is why I’ll never have a rental.’


Kathleen Wong


A viral TikTok of guests covering an Airbnb’s security camera is sparking a debate online. Some viewers said they wouldn’t care “as long as they pay and don’t wreck the place,” while others would “immediately kick them out.”

Timothy George (@timmyjeez) posted the clip on TikTok on Wednesday with the caption: “What would you do as a vacation rental host?”

@timmyjeez What would you do as a vacation rental host? #airbnb #vrbo #arizona #phoenix #ringdoorbell ♬ original sound – Timothy George

In the clip, a group of young men enter the Airbnb and notice the Ring video camera near the doorbell. “Hey, can you take it off?” one guy says. “I have no idea,” another replies. Shortly after, the camera is covered by what looks like a plastic bag.

Loud music is playing in the background, which viewers assumed meant a party was being held at the Airbnb.

The TikTok has over 348,300 views as of Tuesday.

Commenters were quickly divided. Some people disliked the idea of people covering up the security cameras.

“Kicked out and fined for any and all damages,” one commented.

“End that ish,” another TikToker commented.

“Not give back their security deposit,” another wrote.

Several users kept saying to call the cops, but some questioned whether that would be a proper solution. “Everyone saying call the cops lmao for what you rented it to them,” a viewer said.

Others didn’t care so much “as long as they pay and don’t wreck the place.”

“Unless they’re violating a rule – you’re not doing anything,” another wrote.

“Just let them party. I don’t get why people get skressed [sic] over it,” someone else commented.

Some said how they wouldn’t even like having a security camera recording them when renting an Airbnb. “I don’t agree with him messing with it but would it be wrong to ask the people to not record while renting the rental. It’s just weird to me,” a user replied.

Others said they wouldn’t even put their rentals in that position. “I wouldn’t rent to them in the first place. Period,” another stated.

According to Airbnb’s website, the company is cracking down on unauthorized parties in 2022 with anti-party initiatives. They include banning one-night reservations during special holidays and prohibiting guests who don’t have a history of positive reviews to book certain two-night reservations.

As for the security camera issue, the home-sharing app states these types of monitoring devices are allowed but must be “clearly disclosed” in the listing description and must not “infringe on another person’s privacy.” The camera in the video is a doorbell camera and only shows who is at the front door.

Update 9:24am CT, June 8: A spokesperson for Airbnb pointed the Daily Dot to the company’s “Guest Reliability Standards,” which state that “Guests should not tamper with or remove an approved and appropriately disclosed security or monitoring device from the listing property.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to George via TikTok comment.

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