woman with glasses finger pointing caption 'When the neighbor is embarrassed of his actions which made us install the 8ft fences... Telling neighbor he owns the fence' (l) Giant fence caption 'You want to pay the $2k that is still left on the fence then you can own half of it !' (r)


TikToker builds 8-foot fence after neighbor allegedly creeps on her kids

‘Y’all are doing so right by your kids.’


Braden Bjella


A TikToker went viral after posting a video showing new additions to the fence surrounding her property. According to the TikToker, she was forced to implement these changes after a neighbor continually exhibited creepy behavior toward her children.

While other videos have been deleted, user @highnooncallgirl’s first remaining video on the subject currently has over 3 million views, with subsequent videos frequently raking in numbers in the hundreds of thousands.


Take credit for what you did not the actions others had to do to prevent them from happening again… #sillygoose #tricksareforkids

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After subsequent videos went viral, @highnooncallgirl posted another video giving users a recap of her now-deleted original posts.

According to @highnooncallgirl, she decided to install the fence after her neighbor engaged in strange behavior toward her children.

Her allegations include removing part of the already-extant fence in order to observe her children, filming her children (with additional behavior involving “explicit acts”), and harassment.

In comments section, @highnooncallgirl claimed her neighbor was a “Peeping Tom that likes to watch/video kids while touching themselves.”

As a response to her neighbor’s actions, @highnooncallgirl installed an 8-foot-tall fence—a move that, in comments, TikTokers supported.

“Y’all are doing so right by your kids,” one user wrote. “If my mom and dad went this hard to keep me safe I’d have been saved so much trauma.”

“Whoa!” exclaimed another. “Love this and how you are not backing down!”

Other users suggested that @highnooncallgirl should go further.

“Make flyers with a link to a video of him doing what he did,” one commenter said.

“Just be sure to make inspections of the fence in case he makes holes in it or puts a camera somewhere,” another added.

Some recommended the TikToker take legal action.

“I would go to the police and ask for a restraining order,” one TikToker said. “I would also record everything and give it to the police weekly.”

In comments, @highnooncallgirl said that the total cost of the fencing was around $4,000.

@highnooncallgirl did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

Update 7:22am CT, April 7: In conversation with the Daily Dot, @highnooncallgirl offered an update on the situation.

“I have installed a 12ft tree to block the view of his globe camera where ever it faces which it. And we installed boards for the cracks on the other side of this neighbor where they installed an 8ft fence as well to not be able to peek at children through any cracks,” she says.

The police have been involved the entire time. However, “unfortunately, the cops keep telling us their hands are tied and nothing [can] happen until there is a victim.”

“I refuse for any of these kids to become such a thing,” @highnooncallgirl continues. “None of this is for money, none of this is for followers. I could honestly care less. All of this is for the expose what is truly happening and get the charges/protection that is needed. Children should never have to go through this. A neighborhood should be a safe space.”

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