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‘He’s not allowed to pick and choose who he serves based on their clothing’: Woman says 7-Eleven worker denied her service because she was wearing a tank top

‘I’ve seen people go into 7-Eleven in all states of undress.’


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A woman says that a 7-Eleven worker repeatedly refused to sell her yogurt because she was wearing a tank top, showing a clip of the confrontation in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by TikToker Emily Cabral (@emilyycabfit) on June 24, she shows the 7-Eleven cashier saying that she couldn’t wear a tank top in the store.

“Day 2 of the guy at 7-Eleven not letting me buy a yogurt because I’m wearing a tank top,” the text overlay on the clip reads. “Telling me that I can’t wear a tank top in a place where they do food prep.”

In the video, the cashier says that he “told [her] yesterday to not bring that shirt inside,” telling Cabral to check online to verify the “rule.”

“I checked online, and I called 7-Eleven. And I reported you,” Cabral tells the cashier.

Cabral continues to ask the worker if she can buy the yogurt, to which he repeatedly denies service. She flips the camera to face her outfit, showing that she was wearing a plain, white tank top with sweatpants.

When the worker continues to say that the tank top is not allowed because food is being prepared, Cabral points out that tank tops are allowed at grocery stores where there are open “salad bars.”

“You’re going to get fired, bro, because that’s not a rule. Your door says ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service.’ I have a shirt on,” Cabral yells as she leaves the store.

In a comment, Cabral says, “7-eleven emailed me today that it was brought to the attention of employee and owner and won’t happen again- we will see!”

The video has garnered over 395,000 views as of July 25, with commenters putting the worker on blast for denying Cabral service based on her outfit.


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“He must have very little self-control if your tank bothers him so much. He’s too tempted,” one commenter said.

“I’ve seen people go into 7-Eleven in all states of undress. No shoes. No shirts. A place of the people, for the people,” another wrote.

“I live in Arizona. Guys come in with no shirt and both guys and girls wear tank tops. This is silly on his part,” a third added.

Others pointed out that the worker may have misunderstood 7-Eleven’s policy that employees cannot wear tank tops while working, thinking that it applies to customers as well.

“He must not realize it’s employees that can not wear tanks but you got no say over a customer’s clothes unless they’re not wearing shoes or shirt,” one user wrote.

“It applies to the employees not the customers,” another pointed out.

In a previous video, Cabral shares another interaction she had with the man when he was leaving the store while another worker took over the register.

“Oh, you’re not gonna bully me today?” Cabral says she asked him on his way out. “He’s like, ‘I’m not serving you, he is.’ So basically at this point, this man is dictating his own personal preferences to the people that walk into the store.”

@emilyycabfit These rules cannot just be madeup!!!! @7eleven #mysogyny #sexist #discrimination ♬ original sound – Emily Cabral

In a follow-up video on June 29, Cabral says that after 7-Eleven addressed the situation with the employee, she was able to go back to the same location in a tank top and received service “without any issues from the same man.”

@emilyycabfit Reply to @emilyycabfit ♬ original sound – Emily Cabral

“Maybe he’s not my favorite person in the world but if he has the ability to learn and grow from that… then that’s fine for me,” Cabral says. “I don’t need to ruin someone’s life and financial situation over this situation.”

The Daily Dot reached out to 7-Eleven via email and to Cabral via TikTok comment.

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