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16 jigsaw puzzles for adults who desperately need to unwind

Wine and adult jigsaw puzzles go together like PB and J.


Marisa Losciale

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The best jigsaw puzzles are the ones that you get to take your time with, and once completed make you say “WOW! I definietly need to frame this.” There’s just something about completing a puzzle that makes us feel fulfillment–and for those of us that are stressed (and/or depressed) over current events, we’re absolutely here for the accomplishment. 

So if you too are in need of some wholesome, time-consuming, busy-work, do we have the picks for you. Listed below are some of our favorite adult jigsaw puzzles stretching from fandom selections to 3D and wooden puzzles, and so much more. 

Best jigsaw puzzles for adults and where to buy them

1) Architecture appreciators can’t go wrong with this ode to Frank Lloyd Wright

Price: $24.20

2) Take a load off with a puppy puzzle

Price: $22.95

3) Broadway fans can fix-up their own playbills

Price: $14.99

4) If you’ve got some extra downtime, you can craft your own vintage movie projector!

Price: $51.99

5) Looking for a challenge? Your answer lies in the stars

Price: $23.79

6) Grab some bone broth and get to work!

Price: $45+

7) Test your geography skills with this globe puzzle

Price: $36.80 (regularly $49.99)

8) Just getting into Astrology? This two-sided puzzle is perfect for you

Price: $23

9) This puzzle doubles as a beautiful work of wall art!

Price: $59.99

10) I drink and….do puzzles?

best jigsaw puzzles

Price: $50+

11) Who doesn’t love a classic?

Price: $17.95 (regularly $19.74)

12) Feed your itch to travel with this dreamy jigsaw

Price: $22.59

13) Obsessed with fauna? Boy, do we have the puzzle for you

Price: $49.99

14) Love all things Disney? This is the only 3D puzzle you’ll ever need

Price: $19.51

15) With 18,000 pieces, this is the biggest, baddest puzzle on the block!

Price: 149.95 (regularly $160)

16) As any wand maker would say, the 3D puzzle picks you–you don’t pick the 3D puzzle

best jigsaw puzzles

Price: $39.95

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