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10 best therapy journals and anxiety notebooks to suit all tastes

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Posted on Oct 26, 2021   Updated on Oct 27, 2021, 7:03 pm CDT

Sometimes we all need a little helping hand with our mental health. Anxiety, stress, depression, and on and on can destroy lives if left unchecked. Therapy can seem like a daunting undertaking, and expensive if your problem hasn’t exploded yet. For many people, writing about their feelings helps, which is why we’ve compiled the best therapy journal to get you started. 

When you need to check in with your mental health, these anxiety journals are ready to help you find perspective. And with Amazon shipping, they’ll get to your door in no time.

What is a therapy journal or anxiety notebook? 

Anxiety journals and therapy notebooks are helpful tools for processing and understanding your negative or unwanted thoughts. Many of these journals offer prompts for deep introspection and space to navigate your anxious thoughts. The ability to write what’s on your mind can help you spot emotional triggers and identify negative thinking patterns. 

Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up inside, these notebooks and journals provide you with a safe space to navigate and evaluate your emotions. As soon as you’ve identified what’s bothering you, you’re one step closer to having the tools to deal with it. 

The best anxiety journals that can be at your house this week 

My therapy journal book

1) The best therapy journal for people looking to track their real life therapy journey: My Therapy Journey

When people begin to see a therapist, one of the most common misconceptions is that the therapy starts and ends in the therapist’s office. The truth of the matter is that true therapy begins with the individual, is helped along in the therapist’s office, and is completed after the individual leaves the office.  

My Therapy Journey is a key factor in helping you complete your therapy journey before and after your visit to the therapist’s office. With open pages and prompts to help you go over the day’s sessions and breakthroughs, this is the best journal for keeping track of your therapy journey.

Price: $13.99

The anxiety check-in anxiety journal

2) The best therapy journal for inward evaluation during stressful times: The Anxiety Check-in

Navigating your anxious mind isn’t an easy task. Getting sucked into your anxious thoughts takes little to no effort, especially when you’re on the road alone. The Anxiety Check-In journal is the ultimate assistant when evaluating your anxious thoughts so you can conquer the dumpster fire days.

This journal will help you tackle the important issues; Wellness, anxiety, depression, self-awareness, and self-love. Helpful tools to help you unpack your mental state take the form of simple prompts that will teach you to craft coping skills, develop some self-care, and discover manageable anxiety relief. 

Price: $14.99

A year of Mindfulness anxiety journal

3) The best journal for day to day mindfulness that lasts all year: A Year of Mindfulness

A Year of Mindfulness is your guide to your year-long journey to more mindful living – day-by-day. Your choice to start engaging with this journal is a choice to reduce negativity and grow your sense of calm.

With a year’s worth of daily prompts, themed weeks, and simple exercises that help you live moment to moment, you’ll be sure to emerge from your journey wiser and calmer. 

Focus on a different aspect of mindfulness each week, stay engaged with the 364 daily prompts, center your mind and body, and finally learn to appreciate the good things. 

Price: $13.49

A year of zen anxiety jounral

4) The best weekly guided journal to achieve true Zen: A Year of Zen

Truly find your center of Zen with this 52-week guided journal from Zen priest and teacher Bonnie Myotai Treace, sensei. Each week, you’ll be met with a series of thought-provoking questions varying in theme.

From creative call, to community, to developing rituals, and attention, these themes will allow you to fill the blanks with peaceful self-exploration and reflection daily. 

Price: $9.39

The self-discovery journal for anxiety

5) The best therapy journal for self-discovery: The Self-Discovery Journal

Becoming proud of who you are, and finding your true self, is one of the best ways to combat anxiety and depression. By unlocking your own inner secrets with this guided self-discovery journal, you’ll finally be able to steadily build happiness and create change in your life. 

The Self-Discovery Journal contains 52 weeks of journaling through prompts that explore your inner world, actions, and genuine ideas. By following four simple steps – cultivating self-awareness, living by your values, finding purpose, and developing greater self-love and mindfulness – you’ll unlock sustainable happiness. 

Price: $13.49

Let that Shit go anxiety journal

6) The best therapy journal to help you leave the past in the past: Let That Sh*t Go

This is the creatively forward journal saying f*ck the past, I’m ready for the future! Holding onto grudges and past grievances does you no good in the long run or the short run. Once you let it go, you’ll be able to accept what’s new and good to come. 

As it says on the site description, “With Let That Sh*t Go, you’ll find moments of profanity-laced catharsis and joy through journaling activities and inspirations that are positive as f*ck. Within these truly charming pages, you’ll find ways to let go of the bullsh*t and lift your spirit a little f*cking higher.”

Price: $8.99

No worries workbook for anxiety

7) The best therapy journal to throw yourself fully into life: The No Worries Workbook

Is it hard for you to find a solution to your problems? Every day, there are lots of little problems that arise in need of solving. And that’s before you deal with the big ones if you’re not lucky. When you just can’t come to a decision The No Worries Workbook is for you! 

Kick any overwhelming feelings you may have to the curb and deal with them all in bite-sized, playful ways. With 124 lists, activities, and prompts, The No Worries Workbook will help you get though each day with less worry and more productivity. 

Price: $14.99

In Body Image

8) The best journal to motivate and keep yourself on track: Mindfulness Journal

Getting to a sense of mindfulness is very important, but what comes after? Maintaining that same sense of mindfulness is quite hard in the long run. If you’ve run into a bit of trouble maintaining your inner peace, turn to the Mindfulness Journal. It’s the daily check-in to help you maintain your zen. 

Price: $12.59

Best year yet anxiety journal

9) The best therapy journal for complete transformation: Best Year Yet 

Here’s your chance to conquer your next year in style and mental stability. This journal has been made for readers looking for inspiration and positive change. It provides plenty of ideas and inspirations for making small improvements in your daily life.

If you’ve been trying to turn your year around with no success, there is something you can do. Simply turn to Best Year Yet for a little help. 

Price: $14.95

How are you feeling? Anxiety journal

10) The best therapy journal for all around wellness: How Are You Feeling? 

How Are You Feeling is the best journal to help you achieve all-around wellness. It focuses on goal setting, mental stability, physical activity, and more. For goal and wellness planning, this journal includes sections on wellness, relaxation, fitness, personal goals and daily planning. 

The planner helps to keep you on track with features like shopping lists, activity logs, and emotional check-ins. It also includes pages with spaces to fill in things to do with friends and ways to express self-love. They even throw in a daily water chart to ensure you’re drinking enough water. 

Price: $29.95

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*First Published: Oct 26, 2021, 9:57 am CDT