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The best online headshops for every kind of cannabis user

You wouldn’t trust any old headshop in town, so why do it online? Here are the best online headshops for cannabis fans.


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It’s hard enough to find a trustworthy headshop in your hometown, but finding the best headshop online can be even harder. The online marketplace is simply flooded with stores selling bubblers, bats, vapes, and bongs. Yet finding the perfect one where affordability matters as much as dependability is work. 

Thankfully, we’ve gathered the Daily Dot smoke circle to research the best options for any smoker. Whether the price is all that matters or you’re looking for luxury goods to consume your luxury green, the store of your dreams is just around the cover.

Let’s find the best online headshop for your needs. 

The 12 best online headshops

1) Best online headshop for beginners: All In One Smoke Shop

There’s an old saying, “start at the beginning, a very good place to start.” All In One Smoke Shop is our go-to online store for someone getting started. Its vast inventory will show you the ropes of everything from bubblers to titanium nails. 

Yet, beyond having basically everything you could ever need, the All In One Smoke Shop does a great job of showing how a shop should treat you. For starters, there’s free shipping on orders over $25.

They also use a propriety shipping system that prevents 99.9% of breaks during shipping and offers a free replacement if something does break. Most importantly, they only sell authentic pieces.

The web is full of shops that sell fake pipes from big, and expensive, companies like Roor. Not All In One Smoke Shop. They just want you to leave happy, even if you’re only leaving by rolling away from your computer. 

2) Best selection of high quality vapes and pipes across the board: Vapor.com

With so many amazing headshops and companies making cannabis products available online, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we love Vapor.com, an affordable shop specializing in only the best products in every category. From DaVinci and X-Max brand vaporizers that deliver thick potent clouds to silicon-protected bowls from Eyce, Vapor.com only works with the best brands.

Whether you’re looking for a portable hooka, a pocket flower vape to take camping, or just a new bong that will last a lifetime instead of breaking if it’s knocked over, Vapor.com has the best options around. Most importantly, they run regular sales, letting you save big on today’s best brands. They’ll even answer your most pressing questions thanks to the site’s incredible blog.

Articles are broken up into reviews, cleaning tips, DIY tricks, holidays, food, and cannabis entertainment. The content is so good, sometimes we check them out just for the entertainment value. Vapor.com comes highly recommended.

3) Best headshop for shipping and customer service: Smoke Cartel

The fine folks at Smoke Cartel have been industry leaders for over 7 years, offering more than 200 brands from across the world. When it comes to selection, they’re difficult to beat, especially if you’re looking for high-end vaporizers and glass.

Judged purely on their storefront and products, they’re world-class. But customer service and shipping are where they shine. Lots of stores offer free shipping after a certain price point, but Smoke Cartel offers free 3-5 business day shipping for any product.

Need something replaced or refunded? You don’t need to wait for business hours. That’s because Smoke Cartel has incredible 24/7 live customer support. Whether you call or email, a real person will get right back to you. 

Smoke Cartel has great reviews from customers because they always get you the best gear quickly and affordably. With great products and even better business practices, you can count on Smoke Cartel. Save 10% on your entire order with our exclusive coupon code DAILYDOT.

4) Best headshop and subscription service in one: Daily High Club  

Do you go to your local headshop even when you don’t need papers or a new bowl? Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to window shop for weed accessories or find a surprise.

Daily High Club takes that experience into the online headshop space with a store and subscription box combo. You’ll find a wide range of affordable, beautiful, and practical rigs, ranging from bongs to pipes.

Looking for accessories or papers? They’ve got you covered. But the star is the Daily High Club subscription box. There are three package options: the $9.99 per month Rawsentials, the $19.99 per month Connoisseur V2, and the $29.99 per month El Primo.

The cheapest package focuses on papers, while the El Primo comes with glass pieces, lights, and more. Think of it as a surprise 420 gift to yourself each month. 

5) Best online headshop if you want to move your smoking into adulthood: Hakuna Supply  

Keeping a rolling tray out on the coffee table might work through college, but eventually, there comes a time to put away childish things. When you want more grown-up smoking accessories, turn to Hakuna Supply

Specializing in beautifully made, secure stash boxes, CBD products, and hand-designed accessories, Hakuna Supply is simply a more adult headshop. The star of the show is the range of stash boxes, ranging from false books to lockable wooden treasure boxes. 

Everyone smokes their own way. Stash your product and accessories in a box that matches your vibe. 

6) Best headshop for concentrate users of all levels: Portable Hookahs

Getting into vaping seems simple at first, but once you gaze into its world you’ll realize how complicated it is.

Are you vaping tanks, concentrates, dry herb, or juice? How do you feel about disposable tanks, or are you comfortable refilling with a syringe? Are you looking for something with an adjustable temperature? 

Everyone needs help, and Portable Hookahs is there for you. They have something for every level of user, from starter kits to space-age vapes.

Along with its world-class selection, Portable Hookhas offers educational material as well. Learn the science behind how different kinds of vapes work, allowing you to make the most informed choice at check out.

7) Best headshop for covert smokers: Genius Pipe

Traveling with a piece can be a hassle, let alone a legally precarious hassle if you’re in the wrong stage. That’s why we’re cheating and including the Genius Pipe store on our list of headshops.

No other pipe on the market offers this kind of covert, efficient, and quality smoking experience. The Genius pipe is just the beginning of Genius’s offerings.

They’ve taken the same practical “function and design” philosophy from their pipes and brought it to a wide range of products. From stash jars to the world’s smallest water-free dab rig, you’ll discover a whole host of wonders. 

Sure, it’s more specialized than a traditional headshop, but the product quality earns Genius a spot on the list. 

8) Best online headshop for fashionistas with money to spend: Edie Parker Flower

Cannabis accessories and smoking devices are great for holistic healing and relaxation. The downside? They also have a tendency to look like they’re used for smoking weed. This presents a problem for the posh among us; why are there no high-fashion weed accessories for cute people?

Edie Parker and Prosenkilde have heard your cries, with its high-fashion headshop. From brightly colored doob tubes that look like makeup to the pastel mod minimalism of the In Bloom zippo lighter, this collection offers a subtle change of pace from normal headshops.

Its pipes could be table centerpieces, its bongs actual vases. Even the more experimental products look like fashionable additions to home decor. A lemon custard-colored clear stash box fit for any coffee table. A smell-proof travel bag with a gorgeous blue and gold theme. 

Your cannabis paraphernalia rarely feels like something you’d want to show off. Edie Parker and Prosenkilde change that. Get 10% off your first order at Edie Parker Flower with code FORAGOODTIME.

9) Best online headshop for holistic cannabis: Miss Grass

If you approach cannabis from a health standpoint as much as a recreational one, Miss Grass is for you. Combining a stylishly adult headshop and a CBD superstore, Miss Grass almost feels like the Goop of cannabis.

You’ll see beautiful, adult, low-key pipes and rolling trays alongside a vast assortment of bath bombs, potions, and flower. Miss Grass is also probably the best site to take someone who is skeptical about cannabis use but curious. Products are clearly marked with great explanations, but health and healing are centered on the buzz.

If you’re trying to introduce a conservative parent to cannabis, Miss Grass is a welcoming gateway. That being said, we’ve used the site in the past personally. The CBD Creme they sell works wonders and is reasonably priced. Its products are discrete, whether you’re talking about a tiny pipe or a box of CBD gumdrops.

When you’re looking for a headshop that treats cannabis like medicine think of Miss Grass. 

10) Best direct to consumer store for space age vaporizers: Boundless  

This is the second time we’ll stretch the definition of headshop, but Boundless’s dedication to expanding its own products meets the standard. Boundless makes some of the best vapes on the market. With nine different kinds of vapes to choose from, there might not be enough to consider this a headshop.

But then there are 33 accessories for the different vapes. These allow you to do things like converting a handheld concentrate vape into an e-rig to use with a water pipe. The vast amount of customization, highly curated selection, and frankly astounding space-aged vaporizers, make this store a must-shop.

You’ll even discover a surprising range of prices, starting with the $29.99 Terp Pen, a true wonder of portable concentrate magic. 

11) The headshop for high end art pieces you can smoke weed out of: Laundry Day Co

Laundry Day Co. exists in the same philosophical space as Edie Parker Flower, designer cannabis goods. Its lighters are stunning pop art pieces, elegant design meshed with functionality. You could walk past this shop’s unique glass pieces countless times without noticing their smoking devices. Rather, they simply look like beautiful handblown glass works of art, avoiding the typical signs of a bowl.

Even the tragically sold-out herb grinder stands out from the pack, with a gold shell design and sharp inner teeth. Some of Laundry Day Co.’s products are limited, so don’t dally if you find something precious. In particular, the Charlotte Pipe is worth considering, an elegant riff on the straight shooter pipe with a finger loop for support. Stylish, yet highly functional, the Laundry Day Co.’s accessories stand out in any space.    

12) Best headshop for affordable accessories, pipes, and grow equipment: Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess might be last on this list, but they are mighty. Other headshops focus on big names, specialty pipes, vapes, and variety. This headshop simply supplies all the basics you could ever need at affordable prices. 

They’re so affordable, you might reconsider your stance on what counts as a basic. No one else offers such a low-cost, high-quality, entry point for pollen sifters, which allow you to catch the keef that falls from your ground up flower. You’ll find water pipes, utilitarian titanium carb caps, and dugouts with spring-loaded ash ejectors at affordable prices.

New to dabs? They’ll set you up with everything you need to get started in a handy bundle. But most importantly, Green Goddess sells everything you need to start your own mini grow opp at home. Whether you need exhaust fans or a grow chamber, you can order it right alongside your next dab rig.

Make sure you take a look around Green Goddess before you buy anywhere else. This hidden gem is one of the best headshop experiences online. What wonders await you!

13) Most helpful headshop: NY Vape Shop

If the store is on this list, you can assume it has great prices and affordable shipping. But that’s just part of what makes a great headshop. The best real-life headshops are staffed with knowledgeable workers who can answer your every question.

NY Vape Shop is an online store with the same gift. Its extensive blog is one of the best vaping and smoking resources online. You’ll find weekly articles on everything from dry herb grinders to e-nail vaporizers, written from an educational rather than sales point of view. 

Before you drop hundreds on a bag, whip, or desktop vaporizer, shouldn’t you do some research? Their carefully constructed articles help you make informed choices to ensure your next smoke sesh will be perfect.

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