A showcase of the best OLED TVs available.


The best OLED TVs for out-of-this-world picture quality

Stunning color and light, from every corner of the room.


Jaime Carrillo

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Posted on Nov 10, 2021

Do you remember plasma TVs? At one point, these were the most desired televisions on the market. Compared to OLED TVs, plasmas look practically primitive. 

So how do you decide which OLED TV is right for you? Buying any of these TVs is an investment in picture quality, but luckily, you won’t have to go broke to give your living room a serious upgrade.

When judging these TVs, here’s some of the rubric used:

  • Size: Bigger isn’t always better, but does anyone ever complain that a screen is too big? 
  • Picture quality and brightness: OLED is self-illuminating, so when compared side-by-side to an LED TV, it should be a stark contrast.
  • User interface: Televisions shouldn’t be complicated, no matter how “smart” they may or may not be. 

Before diving deep into the best OLED TV offerings, let’s talk about what OLED actually is.

What is OLED? OLED vs LED

LED stands for “Light-Emitting Diode” and OLED stands for “Organic Light-Emitting Diode.”

There’s a lot of complicated science between these two, but the mechanics are actually quite similar. However, when you see them in action, the picture quality is night and day.

OLED TVs are also typically lighter, thinner, and far more energy-efficient. 

Good OLED TVs that are worth the upgrade

The bright side about upgrading to an OLED TV is that even standard entry-level models are great. 

1) Hisense ULED Premium 55-inch ULED TV

  • Features: The Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut is able to produce up to one billion shades, with richer, purer colors. A lightning-fast 120hz refresh rate cuts down on digital noise. Say goodbye to blurred lines. Plus, with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, everything from live sports to nature documentaries come in more realistic than ever.
  • Setbacks: Despite the refresh rate, it may not be quick enough to satisfy gamers looking for a dedicated HD screen.
  • Price: $649 (regularly $849)

2) Sony Bravia XR OLED 4K Ultra HD 55-Inch TV

  • Features: Aside from the upgrade in size, what sets the Bravia XR OLED apart from other models is the Cognitive Processor XR. It helps deliver intense contrast, pure blacks, high peak brightness, and the most natural colors imaginable. Bravia Core also brings cinematic experiences home, with all your favorite streamable movies and TV shows. Because it’s a Sony TV, it’s even optimized to be paired with a PlayStation 5.
  • Setbacks: The screen is so thin that accidentally damaging this pricey powerhouse is easier than anyone would like to admit. Might we suggest a wall mount to keep everything secure? 
  • Price: $1,398

Better OLED TV models for theater-quality experiences

If you’re willing to break the bank a little, you can invest in larger screens and flashier features. 

3) LG OLED G1 Series Alexa Built-in 4K Smart 65-Inch TV, Gallery Design

  • Features: Along with the brighter colors, better brightness, and unbeatable contrast, this OLED TV is built with works of art in mind. It hangs like a Gogh painting in the Louvre, taking full advantage of the breathtaking color spectrum. Gallery mode lets you show off your content, whether it’s a homespun painting or a family photo album.
  • Setbacks: This model doesn’t come with stands, so you have no choice but to mount it. Luckily, it comes with an easy-to-install wall mount.
  • Price: $2,371 (regularly $2,799)

4) Samsung Neo QLED 8K Quantum HDR 75-inch TV

  • Features: Using Quantum Matrix technology, this TV is able to output deep blacks and unfathomably bright whites. Object Tracking Sound means sound flows from all sides of the TV, tracking the action on screen for an intensely immersive experience. Plus, with Motion Xelerator Turbo+, action movies and next-gen gaming will look smooth and fluid.
  • Setbacks: All that space-age technology that improves display and sound also occasionally makes the QLED overheat.
  • Price: $4,453 (regularly $4,900)

The Best OLED TV  

5) LG SIGNATURE OLED Alexa Built-in Ultra HD Smart 88-Inch TV

  • Features: Behold, the peak of OLED TV mountain. 4K is so last year. This one bumps the picture quality to 8K. That amounts to 33 million individually lit pixels that are so crisp you can almost reach out and touch images that the massive 88-inch screen displays. Images don’t just display, they practically come alive. Like other LG models, it comes with Alexa capabilities, but this model also comes with AirPlay, making it ideal for Apple fanatics. Not only does it come with an AI-backed display, but AI-powered surrounds sound. This TV isn’t simply “smart.” It may qualify as “genius.” 
  • Setbacks: Even mentioning the price might render everything from laughter to screams. 
  • Price: $24,499 (regularly $29,999)

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*First Published: Nov 10, 2021, 8:58 am CST