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‘Worried’ Lindsey Graham promises to get to bottom of Donald Trump wiretapping story

Lindsey Graham says he’s concerned about the Trump accusations.


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In an early Saturday morning Twitter rant, Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping him before the presidential election. Obama officials have denied they ordered any wiretapping, and at a town hall meeting in his home state on Saturday afternoon, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he would get to the bottom of the issue.

Not only did he say it. Graham—one of Trump’s biggest Republican critics—promised he’d get some answers.

At his town hall, Graham said that if Obama had illegally ordered a wiretap on Trump Towers, he said it’d be the biggest political scandal since Watergate. But, even as some in the crowd yelled, “Russia!” Graham continued by saying that if a judge had enough reason to sign a warrant that would allow the intelligence community to secretly listen in on Trump’s campaign—-meaning the suspicion that Trump had done something illegal was so great that it would compel a judge to act—that also would be the biggest scandal since Watergate.

“Here’s the deal, I’m very worried,” Graham said. “I’m very worried that our president is suggesting the former president has done something illegal. I would be very worried if, in fact, the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant, lawfully, about Trump campaign activity. So, it’s my job as a United States senator to get to the bottom of this. I promise you I will.”

Not everybody was pleased with Graham on Saturday, though.

But say this for Graham. Unlike many of his colleagues, at least he met with his constituents. And unlike many of his Republican colleagues, he’s shown a willingness to figure out what’s happening with Trump and possible ties to Russia.

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