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Resurfaced Ebola tweets show that Trump has ignored his own advice

He had harsh words for someone traveling to Cleveland, which is exactly what he did.


Claire Goforth


Friday’s announcement that President Donald Trump had contracted COVID-19 ignited an intense news cycle even by 2020 standards.

Now Trump’s 2014 tweets about Ebola are casting his pre- and post-diagnosis behavior in what some view as an extremely hypocritical light.

In 2014, he repeatedly blamed President Barack Obama for Ebola, and offered advice on how to control it. In 2020, Trump has basically ignored all his own advice while refusing to take the blame.

Six years later, Trump also has largely disregarded his own medical experts’ advice to stop the spread of coronavirus, such as wearing a mask.

On Sept. 26, he held a ceremony at the White House to announce the nomination of Judge Amey Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. The event almost entirely eschewed social distancing and mask guidelines.

Some have speculated Trump contracted the virus at the ceremony. Numerous attendees have since tested positive for the virus.

Although it’s impossible to be certain when, where, and from whom Trump contracted coronavirus, it is known that he was exposed on Sept. 30 at the latest. That evening, Hope Hicks, one of his top advisers, began experiencing symptoms while traveling with the president to a rally. Hicks subsequently tested positive for the virus that’s infected nearly 7.5 million Americans and killed 210,000.

Trump attended a fundraiser in New Jersey the following afternoon, nevertheless. Afterwards, he announced Hicks’ diagnosis in a tweet and said he would quarantine. Two hours later, Trump tweeted that he had the virus.

The following day, he presented with symptoms and was hospitalized.

On Sunday, three days into his hospitalization, Trump potentially put his Secret Service detail at risk when he did a drive-by to wave at supporters gathered outside.

Back in 2014, Trump was full of harsh words for people who potentially infected others with Ebola, which was much less contagious, but far deadlier, than COVID-19.

“The Ebola patient who came into our country knew exactly what he was doing. Came into contact with over 100 people. Here we go—I told you so!” he tweeted in October 2014.

He even urged criminal prosecution against them.

He also took aim at a nurse who flew in an airplane to Cleveland while possibly being sick, something Trump himself may have done on Air Force One last week.

After the Rose Garden event, Trump flew—no joke—to Cleveland for the debate.

In 2014, Trump criticized the Obama administration of failing to adequately inform the public and covering up the truth about Ebola. Ebola ultimately infected 11 Americans and killed two.

Trump’s administration has faced accusations of dishonesty in the wake of his diagnosis.

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has been accused of misleading the public. Last month, recorded interviews with Bob Woodward revealed that early in the pandemic, Trump admitted to downplaying the virus.

As of Monday morning, Trump remains hospitalized with coronavirus.

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