Donald Trump polls at lowest approval rating

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Trump’s approval rating falls to new low after Obamacare repeal collapses

Experts say Trump is due for an approval boost.


Audrey Browning


Following Republicans’ failure to pass their marquee Obamacare replacement bill through the House last week, President Donald Trump’s approval rating fell to a new low of 36 percent in Gallup‘s tracking poll.

This is one point lower than his previous low of 37 percent.

This rating sinks a little lower than former President Barack Obama’s lowest rating at 38 percent, and Bill Clinton’s 37 percent. Trump garnered a 46 percent approval rating after his inauguration and has since averaged around 42 percent.

However, the rating isn’t a new low across all Gallup-polled presidential history. Truman, Carter, Nixon, and both Bush presidents once rated in the 20s. Even Ronald Reagan’s lowest rating was one point below Trump, at 35 percent.

According to historical precedent, Gallup points out Trump’s rating has a good chance of experiencing a positive surge very soon.

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