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Supreme face masks are selling for hundreds of dollars

The mask’s value has increased 1,985.8% above its original retail price.


Mikael Thalen


Face masks from popular clothing company Supreme are currently selling online for more than $500.

A listing on StockX, a digital stock market for all things streetwear related, shows that fashion enthusiasts have spent as much as $501 for one of Supreme’s red masks.

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Supreme often has limited product releases for its merchandise, causing items to quickly sell out and surge in value among the brand’s cult-like following.

The red mask reportedly retailed for $24 before shooting up to around $300 in September of 2018. The masks value suddenly began to rise in March of this year when one individual paid $375.

While it’s uncertain as to whether the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is related to the increase in price, the mask’s price tag has only gone up ever since.

A user on StockX paid $450 on April 4, while the very next day two other bidders threw down $500 and $501 for the item. As of Thursday, the mask’s value has increased 1,985.8% above its original retail price.

Although other Supreme masks are selling on the site, the red version, which showcases the company’s iconic colors, is by far the most sought after.

The mask, as should be obvious, is hardly suited to protect oneself against the coronavirus. Not only does the item have a large opening for the nose but features numerous holes over the mouth.

But with face masks now not only socially acceptable but encouraged by the CDC, wealthy patrons of Supreme’s clothing may be looking to cash in.


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