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Spotify’s ‘Time Capsule’ playlist is customized with your favorite throwback jams

Welcome to your time capsule.


Christine Friar


Spotify‘s latest custom playlist is designed to soundtrack your throw back Thursdays.

The Your Time Capsule playlist feature launched Thursday morning, and it auto-generates a personalized lineup of songs “to take you back in time.” Spotify will reportedly create a playlist for every user between the ages of 16 and 85, in 60 markets.

The exact selection of songs, though, seems to be based on a couple factors. As Mashable points out, date of birth is one of the fields users filled out during registration, so from the get-go it has a general sense of what music was like during someone’s teens.

Then, there appears to be a certain amount of algorithmic magic that happens. From the 55 songs in my own playlist, it looks like it’s a combination of older songs you’ve definitely listened to with (maybe embarrassing) regularity over the years, and then a careful blend of deeper-cut songs that could’ve been played at the same party. So I have UGK and Outkast’s “Int’l Players Anthem”—which I still listen to pretty regularly—but then I also have Big Boi’s “Kryptonite,” which I probably have not heard start-to-finish since it first came out. I have “Crazy” by K-Ci and Jojo (off the Save the Last Dance soundtrack)—which I listened to before a karaoke evening recently—and I also have Montell Jordan’s “Get It On Tonight” from that same iconic CD. You get the idea.

2017 has been a wild year by most units of measurement, so shoutout to Spotify for finding a way to stream us to happier times.

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