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Sarah Sanders mocks CNN reporter with ‘dear diary’ tweet

The White House and Acosta have a history.


Andrew Wyrich


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders trolled CNN reporter Jim Acosta in a tweet on Tuesday night.

Sanders retweeted a video put together by a conservative news outlet that showed the CNN reporter saying a Daily Caller reporter “served up a softball” question to President Donald Trump.

The clip then switched to a question where Acosta asked former President Barack Obama about what he wanted to do following his “best week ever.”

Sanders used that comment in part of her troll on Twitter.

“Dear Diary…#BestWeekEver,” she wrote.

Dear Diary has become a popular rallying meme in the conservative war against Acosta, who have found his tweets and missives to closely resemble that of someone pining away at a journal. Even the president once cracked the joke.

Acosta has frequently been criticized by Trump and Sanders.

The relationship reached a flashpoint late last year after a press conference that was held in the wake of the 2018 midterm elections. During the conference, the White House contended that Acosta placed his hands on an intern. They also posted a video that appeared to have been sped up, making it look that the contact was more intense than it was.

The White House then revoked the CNN reporter’s press pass and was subsequently sued by the news outlet. Acosta later got his press pass back.


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