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After bringing on Libs of TikTok, Ryan Walters adds PragerU, Heritage Foundation to Oklahoma education team

Those appointed include PragerU’s founder and the president of the Heritage Foundation.


Tricia Crimmins


In January, Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction appointed Chaya Raichik to the state Department of Education’s Library Media Review Committee. Raichik is based in Florida and her X account, @LibsOfTikTok, doxes LGBTQ people. She has been connected to more than 20 bomb threats nationwide.

Now, Walters has appointed more right-wing media figures to his new Executive Review committee on the state’s social studies standards, including Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts and PragerU founder Dennis Prager.

The Heritage Foundation is the conservative think tank behind Project 2025, a set of right-wing policies and political strategies that conservative leaders hope to put into motion should former President Donald Trump be re-elected.

PragerU is an education and media non-profit that creates videos and other content founded on conservative values and thought. Recent PragerU videos discuss how feminism harms women, the importance of patriotism, and whether the “LGBTQ movement” has “gone too far.”

It’s unclear what, if any, ties Prager and Roberts have to Oklahoma. Prager lives in Los Angeles, according to his X bio. Roberts is based in Washington, D.C.

As announced in a press release, Walters’ new social studies standards will “eliminate” diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—which the right has criticized at in recent months—and “indoctrination.”

Walters has made his name as an opponent of what he calls “woke indoctrination” and is currently in the middle of suing President Joe Biden’s administration for its updated Title IX Rules that protect LGBTQ students from “severe or pervasive” harassment.

In addition to Roberts and Prager, Walters appointed conservative radio host Steve Deace and David Barton, a Christian nationalist who doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state.

“We need to return to more rigorous social studies standards that emphasize the unique and exceptional nature of the American republic, promote a proper understanding of the nation’s founding, and instill pride in our civic traditions and Oklahoma heritage,” Walters said.

Part of Walters’ new standards includes teaching Oklahoma public school students the Bible, which Walters directed all public schools to implement last month.

“Every teacher, every classroom in the state will have a Bible in the classroom, and will be teaching from the Bible in the classroom,” the New York Times reported Walters said about his new directive.

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