This wall plug will make sure your router never needs restarting

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This is such a good idea.

When your internet stops working, 90% of the time you know the solution. Stand up, go behind your desk—or wherever you keep your router—and turn that bad boy off and on again. Soon, however, this process could join the dial-up modem and Prodigy as a relic of the past. MutiNet’s ResetPlug wants to save you that precious time you spend getting up and resetting your router, so it’s going to do it for you.


ResetPlug is a smart wall plug accessory that connects to your Wi-FI network. When it detects that you’ve lost internet service, the plug resets your router or modem every five minutes until you regain internet services. Sit back and relax. Use the time to make a cup of coffee. 

Oh, and prepare to get even more indignant when your ISP’s customer service tech asks if you’ve tried turning your modem off and on. Yes, random support person, we’ve used the internet at some point in the last ten years. Of course we’ve turned it off and on. 

The ResetPlug will set you back $59.99 and can be ordered directly from MutiNet.

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