Rand Paul Festivus

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Rand Paul posts his annual ‘airing of grievances’ tweetstorm to celebrate Festivus

The epic rant ruthlessly targets both political parties.


Phillip Tracy


Published Dec 24, 2017   Updated May 22, 2021, 7:00 am CDT

For most people, the holidays are a time to come together with friends and family to share what we’re most thankful for. But for one politician, it’s the ideal occasion to post a scathing Twitter rant about all the things he hates.

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul continued his strange holiday ritual by posting the annual Festivus “airing of grievances” to Twitter on Saturday. If you’re not familiar, the holiday, which was founded by Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza, asks its followers to rage about all their problems.

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You can see how it came to be in this clip.

Paul takes Festivus very seriously, as you might conclude from the more than 35 consecutive tweets he posted about the holiday. It appears 2017 was a particularly stressful year for the GOP senator, who blew up his follower’s feeds with unfiltered commentary.

“You’re going to be saying #HappyFestivus again. “Believe me!” Paul started, poking fun at the president’s distinct speech.

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He went on to criticize Donald Trump, Fox News, and government spending, throwing punches at both sides of the political spectrum. His first victim was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He quickly moved on to the president, landing some heavy blows to his ego.

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Things were just ramping up. Paul started going after his colleagues with a mix of GIFs and memes. He appropriately slammed Ted Cruz for his embarrassing Twitter interaction with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.

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He also joked about how the government spends millions on a secret UFO program—an initiative started by Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, who believes aliens exist.

After a brief intermission, Paul focused his attention on government spending. Here are a few of the more interesting entries from his last set of tweets.

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If Paul is a true believer in Festivus, then—now that all the grievances have been aired—it’s time for the “feats of strength,” where he’ll have to pin an opponent to the ground in a wrestling match. What do think, @realDonaldTrump?

If you want to learn how to celebrate Festivus, check out our guide.

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*First Published: Dec 24, 2017, 10:48 am CST