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Omarosa recording shows Trump had no idea she’d been fired

Manigault-Newman’s press tour is turning into ‘Watch What Happens Live, Washington’ edition.


David Covucci


Ever since… Friday? Was it only Friday? Omarosa Manigault-Newman has been rampaging across news networks, sharing recordings of her bosses and dropping receipts on White House officials like an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Washington.

Today’s victim? President Donald Trump, who was apparently unaware at the time of her firing that she’d been fired. In the recording, obtained by NBC News, Manigault-Newman speaks with Trump, who had no idea she’d been let go from the White House the day before.

Manigault-Newman’s dismissal has been a source of fascination since it happened in December, with various reports saying she’d been physically removed from the White House, that she sprinted to the residence to desperately save her job, or that she resigned.

Either way, the president was unaware and, you won’t believe this (you will!), first saw the news on television.

“Goddamit,” the president said in apparent frustration.

This is not that big a deal. Manigault-Newman wasn’t, like, his secretary of state, so it’s not that weird he didn’t know about her dismissal. The president has lots of things to do, and being aware of the employment status of the director of communications for the White House Public Liaison Office is not high on the list. Or he was just feigning ignorance to get off easy himself. Cowardly as hell, but also fine.

Anyway, this could have all blown over except that, well, this morning, after the recording was revealed, you can guess what Trump did.

Excellent. This will surely be the end of that.

Update 10:25am CT, Aug. 13: lol

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