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Oliver Anthony’s fans turn on him after ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ singer speaks out in support of ‘diversity’

‘Incredibly rare reverse milkshake duck.’


Marlon Ettinger


Oliver Anthony, the musician who became the darling of the conservative world for his song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” is now getting slammed by that same fan base after a video came out of him on Fox News talking about the positive virtues of diversity.

Some supporters also claimed that he was faking his accent in the song when they heard him talk in the interview.

“Promoted algorithm boosted ‘based’ red beard hillbilly song guy was faking his accent and says diversity is our strength,” commented Twitter user @Black_Pilled, whose pinned tweet has a link to a playlist of videos, including one praising the American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell.

“I mean, we are the melting pot of the world,” Anthony told an interviewer in the video, “and that’s what makes us strong, is our diversity, and we need to learn to harness that and appreciate it, and not use it as a political tool to keep everyone separate from each other you know?”

“And just like that he’s done,” Twitter user @sandiadkins827 replied.

“He’s trying to become a rich man north of Richmond” said @pureblood00001

“these companies are testing the waters to see if they can create fake republican singers to make more money off the republican demographic,” wrote Twitter user @LomzLomz, “and it works people dont see the bigger picture there is no invisible hand of the cia only corporate string”

Others Twitter users got a kick out how fast some of his previous supporters had turned on him.

“I love how they’ve spent the last couple weeks insisting there’s nothing racist about the neo-confederate welfare queen song but the moment the singer expresses support for a racially integrated society he gets cancelled for being woke,” Twitter user @Capricoda commented.

“Incredibly rare reverse milkshake duck, a daiquiri goose if you will,” Twitter user @ClueHeywood said. 

A Milkshake Duck, according to Urban Dictionary, “Someone who gains sudden fame for something nice and positive, only to soon after be revealed as a deeply flawed character with terrible opinions and/or a shady past, often involving corrosive social/political ideologies, which quickly tarnishes their fame and the good will people momentarily had towards them.”

The term comes from a joke tweet posted by @pixelatedboat about a racist duck.

In this case, the twist revelation was that Anthony isn’t racist.

Twitter user @masterlongevity didn’t think conservatives should be surprised.  

“his song never seemed conservative to me in the 1st place,” they said. “it was populist and frankly his lyrics were how 90% of people feel on right, left and center about government.”

Other people weren’t so shocked.

“basically this guy said ‘i don’t hate black people’”’ and the entire audience he built in the last 10 days is jumping ship in the replies” commented @mattxiv.

“Far-right weirdos after Oliver Anthony says just one non-racist thing,” Twitter user @marionumber4 said on a tweet with the “I don’t want to play with you anymore” meme of Andy from Toy Story throwing away Woody with Anthony’s face photoshopped onto it.

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