notre dame cathedral

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Notre Dame cathedral in Paris catches fire

The building was completed in the 1200s.


David Covucci


Today, Notre Dame, an iconic cathedral in Paris, caught fire, with videos of the blaze going viral. Videos show the spire of the church collapsing.

The videos show a shocking blaze, which consumed the entire roof of the structure.

The venue is a popular tourist attraction in Paris, and Twitter users mourned watching the structure engulfed.

Notre Dame was in the midst of a $7 million renovation, and early reports indicate that the fire was linked to that work. The cathedral was completed in 1260.

Update 1:38pm CT, April 15: According to numerous reports, the entire frame of the structure is on fire.

Authorities said that firefighters are attempting to salvage what they can of the artwork.

It does appear that effort was successful, at least in part.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the matter, saying authorities in France should dump water from planes on it, and that they “must act quickly.”

This story is developing.

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