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New Twitter photo filters add improved editing

How Instagram of you, Twitter!


Selena Larson


Mobile photographers, rejoice: Twitter released new photo filters and features that allow for more granular editing.

Like Instagram, Twitter’s photo filters will now let you change the intensity by double-tapping on the particular filter.

Android and iOS users can now choose from eight different filters that appear beneath the photo. It’s a welcome improvement from the oversaturated photo filters with no option to edit the severity of the colors at all.

via Twitter

To check out the new filters, update to the latest Twitter application, and tap on the image you’re uploading to access the new editing options.

The update is only available on iOS and Android, and by looking at the replies to Twitter’s tweet announcing the new feature, Windows phone users are feeling jilted.

Photo by Daniel Cukier/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0) 

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