US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Republican of Kentucky) speaks with reporters in his office in the US Capitol.

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‘Retire’: Mitch McConnell’s constituents drowned out his speech with vociferous demand he step down

McConnell hinted to the crowd that he had no plans to leave politics anytime soon.


Mikael Thalen


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was heckled with jeers, boos, and chants to “retire” on Saturday during a speech in his home state of Kentucky.

The 81-year-old politician, who raised concerns about his ability to lead after suddenly becoming speechless and motionless mid-sentence during a press conference late last month, spoke at the 143rd Annual St. Jerome Fancy Farm Picnic when the crowd turned against him.

The event, which hosts both Republican and Democrat speakers, is intended to mark the start of the fall campaign season. Although McConnell was initially met with cheers from his supporters, critics of the Senate MInority Leader quickly drowned out any positive reactions.

Aside from the boos and chants to retire, McConnell was also hit with countless other jeers such as “shame on you” and “ditch Mitch.” The politician continued with his speech undeterred despite the hostile reception.

“Well, this is my 28th Fancy Farm, and I want to assure you, it’s not my last,” McConnell defiantly said.

McConnell’s speech focused almost entirely on issues related to Kentucky and steered clear of any mentions of former President Donald Trump or other controversies facing the Republican Party.

The footage of McConnell’s heckling was celebrated across the aisle online, where users called for the introduction of term limits to tackle the issue of America’s aging ruling class. Everyone from President Joe Biden to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has been hit with criticisms regarding their cognitive abilities in recent months.

Over on Truth Social, Trump re-shared the video of McConnell’s speech while agreeing with those seeking his retirement.

On Twitter, prominent pro-Trump voices, who refer to McConnell as a member of the “swamp,” likewise relished in the politician’s embarrassment.

Earlier this year, McConnell was absent from the Senate for nearly six weeks after falling and hitting his head in D.C. The elder senator was said to have experienced a concussion and broke several ribs as a result.

Despite the growing concern among the public over the age of numerous politicians, it remains unclear if Kentucky Republicans will vote out McConnell anytime soon.

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