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Mastodon the metal band trolls Mastodon the social media network

Searching for Mastodon on Google got confusing this week.


Kahron Spearman


So-called anti-Twitter social network named Mastodon is all the rage, and Mastodon, the critically acclaimed metal/prog rock band, is having a little fun with it.

Started by 24-year-old Eugen Rochko, Mastodon the standalone app lets users do most of the same Twittery stuff, but with more privacy and no neo-Nazis. Rochko may have even named the platform after the band, but he later said it was after the prehistoric animal.

Of course, social network Mastodon’s ascendance was going to wreak havoc for Google searches for the band. Instead of fighting it, Mastodon decided to use it as promo for its latest album, Emperor of Sand.

Kicking it off, the band responded to a Mashable story about how the buzzy social network had an uphill battle for survival.

The band even brought Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey in on the fun.

Mashable writer Lance Ulanoff, who wrote extensively about the app, joined the band’s good-natured joking.

Here’s the hilarious video for Mastodon’s latest single, for “Show Yourself,” where the grim reaper is continuously annoyed or being back-talked to by unwilling parties.


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