marjorie taylor green sitting on winged throne in rap video


‘Awkward disaster’: Marjorie Taylor Greene teams up with ‘Pure Cocaine’ rapper for anti-grooming song—after blasting Biden White House over drugs

Watch at your own risk.


Mikael Thalen


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is being roasted across social media after appearing in a “MAGA rap” music video.

Put out by the conservative rapper known as Forgiato Blow, whose real name is Kurt Jantz, the video made its YouTube premiere on Sunday and received glowing promotion from Greene on Twitter.

“I never thought I’d be featured in a rap video but then again I never thought the left would be grooming our children!” Greene tweeted. “Check out the new release MTG MAGA’S MVP by @ForgiatoBlow47!!

The song repeatedly touts “MTG” as “MAGA’s MVP” and centers around the congresswoman’s short political career. Greene can be seen sitting on a golden throne in the video as well as awkwardly standing next to several sports cars.

In remarks to Newsweek, Greene applauded both Jantz’s song as well as his vocal support for the congresswoman’s legislation aimed at making it a felony to provide gender-affirming care to minors.

“It was a blast filming this video and I’m proud of Forgiato Blow’s support of my Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” she said.

Yet much of social media was less impressed. Over on YouTube, commenters mocked not only the video but the rapper as well.

“This has to be the corniest video ever!” one user wrote.

Over on Twitter, criticism against Greene, Jantz, and the video was equally as prevalent.

“The MTG rap video is hands down the most awkward disaster I’ve ever seen on the internet and I need to scrub my eyeballs,” another user said. “No I will not retweet.”

Aside from criticizing the video as unbearable, many also suggested that Greene’s appearance was hypocritical.

The popular YouTube account PatriotTakes, which documents far-right content, noted that Jantz has previously promoted using and selling drugs. Greene just last week called on President Joe Biden and his staff to be drug tested after cocaine was discovered in the White House.

“Of course Marjorie Taylor Greene, who recently demanded 500 people at the White House be drug tested, just released rap video with a rapper who has a song about cooking and selling illegal narcotics,” the account said.

Blow, whose name is slang for cocaine, has a song called “Pure Cocaine.

In another song, Jantz appears to rap positively about human trafficking, a topic that conservatives have increasingly focused on in recent years. While human trafficking remains a massive global issue, right-wing Americans continue to dilute the issue with QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories.

“Wow! MTG was in a rap video of someone who raps about human trafficking women!” another account wrote. “Does Marjorie Taylor Greene support human trafficking? She needs to answer for this.”

Despite the music history of Jantz, Greene praised the rapper this week by stating that “most rap videos exploit women, glorify drugs and violence, but Forgiato Blow’s new video is about calling out the left’s grooming agenda and protecting our children from genital mutilation.”

The new video isn’t Greene’s first attempt at stepping foot into the rap world. In January, Greene used an instrumental of Dr. Dre’s hit song “Still D.R.E.” in a promotional video. Dre, whose legal team ordered Greene not to use the song, said in a statement at the time that he did not license his “music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one.”

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