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Marianne Williamson’s old tweets are the ultimate ‘it me’

Some old tweets are getting new life after her debate performance.

Jun 28, 2019, 3:14 pm



Andrew Wyrich

Author and spirituality guru Marianne Williamson caught a lot of attention after her performance during yesterday’s second part of the first 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates.

Her debate was, well, unique. She decided to say she would call New Zealand as her first act as president, which obviously caught people’s eye—as did her closing statement.

She even was the top-searched Democratic candidate competing in the second round of the debate on Google.

But that interest has switched into mining her Twitter account, which boasts 2,650,000 followers, where people have unearthed a number of tweets that have become jokes on Twitter.

Some people just decided to meme the tweets.

While other old tweets took a life of their own.

Like this one, where Williamson said: “each of us is pregnant with a better version of ourselves.”

Or this one, where Williamson writes that “You’re a lamp; God is the electricity.”

This one, where the 2020 Democratic hopeful says if you’re missing someone it means that “on a soul level they’ve come to visit.”

There are plenty more floating around on Twitter, with people cracking jokes.

But, to be fair, there were also a decent amount of people on Twitter who also found the tweets inspiring, or at the very least thought it would be intriguing to have someone like Williamson in the White House.

Oh, and there’s the whole Avatar thing.


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*First Published: Jun 28, 2019, 3:14 pm