chinese man drives car in river thanks to gps

Screengrab via Shucheng Public Security Online/Weibo

Man follows GPS directions right into the middle of a river

'In 1,000 feet, your car will be flooded.'


Phillip Tracy


Published Apr 7, 2017

Every once and awhile someone does something stupid that reminds us just how much we rely on technology.

The latest entry is a man in China, who got his car stuck in the middle of a river in Anthui. The incident was posted on popular social media site Weibo by the Shucheng Public Security Online. The driver told local authorities that he’d simply been following his GPS, and didn’t recognize the massive body of water in front of him.

hyundai elantra in river china

His steadfast decision resulted in half-a-days work for the police, who had to dig him out with a truck and bulldozer.

car in river police china

To be fair, there does appear to be a path on both sides, and it can often be difficult to judge the depth of water from behind the wheel. (That’s why you should never, never drive into water on a flooded roadway.) But there is little room for justifying this error given the sheer size of the river.

chinese man drives car in river thanks to gps

A very similar incident happened in May last year, when a woman drove her car right into a lake in Ontario. When are those flying cars coming?

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*First Published: Apr 7, 2017, 10:21 am CDT