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‘Is Maga blaming the Covid vaccine yet?’ Anti-vaxxers awfully quiet over Lauren Boebert’s emergency blood clot surgery

'Looks like the #ClotShot literally worked on Congresswoman #LaurenBoebert.'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Apr 3, 2024   Updated on Apr 3, 2024, 9:12 am CDT

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot on Tuesday, spurring many online to mock the anti-vaccine movement given their proclivity to blame such health issues on the COVID-19 shot.

Boebert’s campaign revealed in a statement that the congresswoman was admitted to the hospital on Monday after experiencing swelling in her upper left leg. Doctors soon diagnosed Boebert with May-Thurner syndrome, which causes the compression of a major blood vessel located in the pelvis.

After the clot was removed during surgery on Tuesday, Boebert’s team said that the Republican is “expected to make a full recovery with no significant concerns for her long-term health and no hindrance to her ability to perform her duties as Congresswoman.”

The response online to the surgery was mixed at best, with many highlighting Boebert’s history of anti-vaccine remarks. Particularly, although those who contract COVID-19 are much more likely to experience blood clots than those who were vaccinated, many mockingly questioned whether the vaccine could be blamed.

“OMFG—- Boobert had a blood clot! It was the jab!” one user quipped. “Oh yeah. Riiiiight.”

On the other hand, some users appeared to genuinely question whether Boebert had received the shot.

“Looks like the #ClotShot literally worked on Congresswoman #LaurenBoebert,” another user wrote.

Others wondered if Boebert and her fans, who have a history of conspiratorial posting, would blame the vaccine.

But many noted just how quiet the anti-vaccine crowd was in the wake of the news.

“Is Maga blaming Lauren Boebert’s blood clot issue on the Covid vaccine yet?” asked a poster.

Yet remarks on the vaccine weren’t the only ones circulating online. Many opponents of Boebert were quick to note that the congresswoman had been treated with taxpayer-funded healthcare.

“Lauren Boebert has access to the best healthcare in the country and constantly votes to make sure everyone else does not,” one user stated.

Many also began making conspiratorial claims, some in apparent jest, that suggested Boebert had actually undergone an abortion.

“abortion = emergency surgery @laurenboebert,” the user Joel Weissman said.

Numerous references were also made to the scandal in September, which saw Boebert kicked out of a Beetlejuice musical after engaging in lewd behavior with a date.

“She must have bruised her knee … in the theater watching Beetlejuice,” another X user added.

But not everyone felt making jokes was appropriate. Several users opposed to Boebert wished her a speedy recovery, despite her political leanings.

“I despise her politics with a vengeance but I would never, ever wish her physical harm,” user Dwayne Walton said. “Get well soon Lauren Boebert and best wishes on a speedy recovery.”

While it’s unclear what caused the clot, Boebert’s campaign noted that “dehydration, travel, and extended periods of sitting have all been identified as potential factors in causing symptoms of May-Thurner Syndrome.”

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*First Published: Apr 3, 2024, 9:10 am CDT