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‘Crazy excuse’: Lauren Boebert roasted for blaming lewd theater behavior on Democrat date

‘She was beating d*ck in a public theater and only apologized for the d*ck belonging to a Democrat.’


Mikael Thalen


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is being roasted on social media after appearing to blame her lewd behavior at a theater on the political leanings of her date.

Boebert and her male companion, a bar owner named Quinn Gallagher, were kicked out of a showing of the “Beetlejuice” musical in Denver last week after causing what was described as a “disturbance.”

Initially, reports alleged that the removal had been caused solely by Boebert vaping during the performance, a claim her campaign denied. Then, the congresswoman suggested that she had merely laughed and sang too loud in a statement on X two days later.

Yet surveillance footage published shortly after showed not only the lawmaker vaping but the pair engaging in inappropriate physical conduct at the time of the incident. Although Boebert eventually released a lengthy explanation on her Facebook regarding her behavior, her comments to TMZ this week are causing quite the stir.

After being confronted on the fiasco, Boebert said the lesson she learned was not to refrain from groping in public but to check her dates’ political stances beforehand. It turns out Gallagher is a Democrat, a fact Boebert denies knowing until after the date.

“Ultimately, all future date nights have been cancelled,” Boebert said. “I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date.”

After stating that she had taken responsibility for her actions, Boebert continued by stating that her supporters had been understanding given that the incident was part of her “personal life” and “private time.”

Users across social media quickly scoffed at the insinuation that Boebert’s behavior had anything to do with her date’s status as a Democrat.

“She was beating dick in a public theater and only apologized for the dick belonging to a democrat,” one user wrote. “America is f*cking crazy.”

Others mocked the hysterical culture war issues conservatives regularly latch on to by joking that liberals were attempting to remove Americans’ ability to engage in sexual activity.

“The LIBS are coming for your first amendment right to Jack your date off in public,” another said.

Many pointed to the fact that children were present in the audience, a reality that some felt made Boebert’s alleged concern over drag queens seem hypocritical.

“I have an OTPHJ on a first date at a children’s play but it’s def the part affiliation that’s the issue here,” another added, using the acronym for an “over the pants hand job.”

Boebert’s remark labeling the incident as part of her “personal time” was also criticized given the fact that the pair were in view of the public.

“Saying this was ‘my personal time my private time’ when u were being sexual in a public theater is wild lmao,” one user argued.

Despite the widespread attention on the issue, the Republican’s fan base, who regularly accuse their political foes of being morally abhorrent, appear largely uninterested in the topic.

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