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Bill Ackman interrupts vacation to white knight for Hawk Tuah girl over Laura Loomer diss

‘Laura, you got this one wrong.’


Mikael Thalen


Far-right social media personality Laura Loomer on Tuesday attempted to criticize Hailey Welsh, the 21-year-old viral sensation known as the “hawk tuah” girl.

In a post to X, Loomer attacked Welsh after claiming that she spoke out against former President Donald Trump in a recent interview.

“WATCH: The degenerate Hawk Tuah girl, whose real name is Hailey Welsh, is ANTI TRUMP,” Loomer exclaimed. “In her first interview since going viral, she was asked about Donald Trump.”

Loomer goes on to correctly quote Welsh as saying, “It’s a no for me,” before demanding that her followers “Stop giving skanks attention.”

Welsh was also accused by Loomer of being a “moron” who “behaves like white trash” due to her now-famous catchphrase, which is meant to imitate fellatio.

“Typical Biden supporter. Next,” Loomer said in closing.

The only problem? Welsh wasn’t actually answering a question about her opinion of Trump. Instead, as seen in the very video shared by Loomer, Welsh was asked if she would ever give the proverbial ‘hawk tuah’ to Trump.

Loomer’s post, which remains online, was quickly bombarded with corrections from a wide-range of users. Yet one in particular caught the attention of X. Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, of all people, was adamant on correcting Loomer.

“Laura, you got this one wrong,” Ackman replied. “That was not the question she was asked and I don’t think you can determine her politics from this clip. You might want to review it again.”

After being spurred to actually watch the video she was commenting on, Loomer admitted to her mistake.

“I stand corrected, @BillAckman,” Loomer replied. “Upon further review, it turns out she was only talking about whether she would perform fellatio on President Trump. Her plans for Election Day remain unclear.”

But Loomer’s admission of fault came much too late. A Community Note placed on her post described Loomer’s description as “blatantly dishonest.”

X users also began dunking on the conspiracy theorists for botching her attack.

“New rule: if you wouldn’t Hawk Tuah on a politician’s thing then you don’t support them,” user Heidi Briones joked.

But even more were surprised that Ackman would weigh in on the incident given that, according to his own posts, he was on vacation.

“If you are wondering why I am posting so much, I am on vacation. @X is how I relax,” Ackman wrote.

X users responded by joking that he was ignoring his wife to wade into the discourse.

Ultimately, Loomer and Ackman appear only to show that nobody is ever able to log off.

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