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Lana Del Rey responds to speculation that she voted for Trump after her reaction to red states went viral

'Why is Lana Del Rey happy about the red states? Is she a T*ump supporter?'


Eilish O'Sullivan


Posted on Nov 4, 2020

Lana Del Rey shut down a fan who accused her of voting for President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. 

“I just KNOW Elizabeth voted for Trump, I wish I could look up her voting records. Something doesn’t sit right with me,” the fan, @holyh00ker, wrote on Twitter Wednesday, calling Del Rey by her birth name, Elizabeth Grant.

Del Rey saw the tweet and responded by telling them to “Go Fuxk. Yourself.”

The fan, who has since privatized their account, pointed out how big of a Lana stan they are. “I have her tattooed on my arm,” they wrote.

“Nah read what u wrote hoe,” Del Rey fired back.

The fan said that while it would be “really hard,” they may have to “unstan” Del Rey. Del Rey then engaged with the fan once more. “Bro. I’ve been waiting for u to. Do it,” she said.

The speculation that Del Rey voted for Trump came after Del Rey streamed herself watching election results trickle in on Instagram Live. In the live, Del Rey was watching ABC News’ Election Night coverage when the electoral map popped up. “Ohhhh, it’s a lot of red. It’s a lot of red. It’s a lot of red,” Del Rey said in a sing-songy voice, referring to all the states that Trump won over at the time, including Texas and Florida.

The short snippet of her live was captured by fans and reposted online, prompting speculation about her political affiliation. “Wtf why is lana del rey happy about the red states? is she a t*ump supporter??” one questioned on Twitter.

“Lana can’t hide her excitement,” another wrote on TikTok, along with the snippet.

Del Rey also addressed the clip directly. “Choosing this misleading clip out of the entire livestream isn’t going to get you more livestreams,” Del Rey wrote in response to a fan who posted the clip.

“Stupid,” she added.

The fan later claimed they were praising Del Rey’s vocals, not criticizing her.

While Del Rey has recently faced backlash for dating a cop at a time when anti-police sentiment appeared to be at an all-time high, wearing a bedazzled mesh mask around fans, and making controversial comments about women of color in the music industry, she has also been critical of Trump and those who support him.

“Trump becoming our president was a loss for the country, but your support of him is a loss for the culture,” she commented on one of Kanye West’s Instagram posts back in 2018.

“If you support someone who believes it’s okay to grab a woman by the pussy just because he’s famous — then you need an intervention as much as he does — something so many narcissists will never get because there just isn’t enough help for the issue,” Del Rey added.

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*First Published: Nov 4, 2020, 3:51 pm CST