Photoshopped mayonnaise jar with gayo and pride flag

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Rainbow-colored Kraft ‘Gayo’ Pride promo dupes the internet

An image of rainbow-colored mayonnaise has gone viral on social media.


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Kraft Foods, the American food manufacturing and processing conglomerate, is facing backlash online after a fake post claimed it released a rainbow-colored mayonnaise known as “Gayo” in celebration of Pride Month.

But as it turns out, the bottle isn’t real and the image was created with Photoshop.

The picture of the faux product went viral on X after being shared by the popular user @kirawontmiss, who appeared to be in on the joke. Yet among the more than 15 million users who saw it, many appeared to believe the mayonnaise bottle was real.

“The world is doomed,” one user wrote.

The bottle includes text that describes the product as “Smooth & Sassy” and encourages consumers to “Add Pride To Your Next BLT.” A small disclaimer also alleges that the Gayo is made with “Bonus Trans Fat” as well as “Closet Free Eggs.”

“Damn they pushing this shit in on our food now????” another stated. “That community doing to much bruh.”

But not all users were fooled, many of whom cracked jokes about the fictitious bottle.

“babe are you ok you’ve barely touched your gayo,” one commenter said.

It turns out that the image was made by the X user known as “Doctor Photograph,” whose bio states they “create photoshopped labels, bootleg toys & doctored images.”

In response to the viral post, Doctor Photograph on Tuesday shared both the doctored and original image. The image was created in 2022 and was a revision of a similar concept from 2021.

Doctor Photograph also noted that the user who posted the image, @kirawontmiss, shared it in previous years and even removed his watermark.

Doctor Photograph’s Instagram handle can be seen in small lettering on the bottom of the bottle.

In a statement to the Daily Dot, Doctor Photograph said that he wasn’t surprised that his image resurfaced once again for Pride Month but was concerned that “some people are purposefully trying to stir up hateful comments at the LGBTQ+ communities expense by resharing it.”

Kraft Foods, which does not list the item on its website, confirmed that the product wasn’t real after the image went viral back in 2022.

This post has been updated with comment.

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