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Ken Bone says mean tweets could drive Trump support

Bone back? Bone back :/.


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2016’s most infamous undecided voter—Ken Bone—is back and says he’s on the fence again. But that’s not true.

Bone declared in an interview with Newsweek that like in 2016, he is “uncommitted” to a candidate.

“To be perfectly honest, I’d say I’m uncommitted again,” Bone said. “Very, very few people in either of these election cycles were truly undecided. They’re uncommitted, which means that you don’t really have a positive opinion of either candidate.”

Bone became a meme in the 2016 election when he asked a question at a debate while wearing a red sweater.

Many online took Bone’s proclamation that he didn’t like either candidate as that he hadn’t made up his mind, like in 2016. For that he faced a torrent of criticism, predominantly, he says, from the left.

To which, Bone said that was the kind of behavior that could drive a man to the arms of President Donald Trump.

“All morning the Trump supporters have been nice to me even though I don’t like Trump. The Biden camp has been shitting all over me because I don’t like Biden. Do these people really not see how much this behavior pushes bystanders toward the right?” Bone wrote.

Despite all the factors in the world right now, from the pandemic to unemployment, Bone is endorsing the adage that mean tweets are what matters the most in an election. And people being mean to Bone may, may, may just make him turn rightward.

Which is bullshit, and Bone knows it, because further down in the thread Bone said that he already voted. (In January, he endorsed Democrat Andrew Yang for president on Twitter.)

So Bone said he already voted. And he granted an interview with Newsweek where he willingly obfuscated who he voted for. Which means one of two things. Bone voted for Biden, and this backlash is making him regret it, but clearly not enough to outright say it. Or he voted the other way and is hiding behind the notion of online decorum to justify his vote.

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