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Kelly Loeffler says Trump’s Georgia indictment is invalid because a witness sent her a mean tweet once

There’s only one problem.


David Covucci


Yesterday, a Georgia grand jury delivered a 13-count indictment against former President Donald Trump over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Alongside Trump, 18 others co-conspirators were charged, making Georgia’s efforts against the former president possibly the biggest test of American democracy in some time.

But for former Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler, a pro-Trump congresswoman with a short-lived stint in Washington, D.C., the entire thing is a sham

Why? Is it because votes were illegally cast in Georgia? Or because the commander-in-chief has every right to speak about fraud? Or because one witness sent a mean tweet?

It’s the mean tweet.

“Meet George Chidi – an activist reporter testifying in the Fulton County grand jury probe. This is the type of witness that DA Fani Willis is using to deliver ‘justice’ in the show trial against President Trump. Vile. And sad,” Loeffler wrote last week as the indictment loomed, sharing a reply sent to her after she criticized Megan Rapinoe‘s effort in the Woman’s World Cup.

Chidi, an independent journalist, was slated to testify before the grand jury yesterday about witnessing a meeting of individuals attempting to put forth a separate slate of electors for Trump in Georgia.

In the reply to Loeffler saying that Rapinoe is “symbolic of what happens when you take your eye of the ball and embrace woke nonsense” after she missed a penalty kick in the U.S. shootout loss to Sweden, Chidi wrote, “You have nothing to teach women about how to be successful other than the value of fucking your way into wealth.”

The tweet appears to have been deleted, as it could not be found on his account. However, Chidi has sent other tweets to Loeffler, criticizing her, accusing her of pushing “racist lies” regarding votes.

Chidi’s tweet stems from Loeffler’s marriage to Jeffrey Sprecher, who is head of the New York Stock Exchange. Loeffler was accused of insider trading and profiting of the COVID-19 pandemic during her short stint in Congress.

But there’s only one problem with Loeffler’s assertion. Crass as the tweet was, Chidi revealed yesterday night that the grand jury didn’t need his testimony before delivering the indictment.

“We are done, didn’t need me,” Chidi wrote.

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