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The Democratic debate’s real winner is moderator Jorge Ramos

Looks like he won the debate


Claire Goforth


The internet can’t get enough of moderator Jorge Ramos at tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

The stage was set from the first words that Ramos said in Spanish, “This is our country, too.”

From there, the Univision news anchor often referred to as “the Walter Cronkite of Latin America” stole the screen and captured the interest of the viewing audience.

For many, Ramos’s pointed questions, like when he asked Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) about veganism and when he grilled former Vice President Joe Biden about Obama’s deportation record, asking, “Why should Latinos trust you?” was a breath of fresh air in an often fetid political showcase.

Ramos’ performance was so exquisite that some suggested that he run for president.

JUST IN: Jorge Ramos has announced that, f*ck it, he’s jumping in the race too,” the Daily Show joked.

A few took cheap shots at him for being a Mexican immigrant, falsely accused him of being pro-illegal immigration, or blamed Univision’s financial troubles on him.

For the most part, the consensus was that Ramos was prepared, tough, and professional as a moderator.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tweeted, “Journalists could [take] notes from @jorgeramosnews in the #DemDebate. He is asking tough, but fair questions – not to stir drama or seek a gotcha moment – but to hold people accountable to their records and have them answer for it. His clarity makes it thrilling nonetheless.” 

“More question for Jorge Ramos please,” quipped the New Yorker’s Eric Lach.

The candidates might want to take notes.


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