Joe Biden(l), Joe Biden eating fake ice cream cone(r)

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GOP can’t decide if Biden licking a fake ice cream cone in front of a child is a sign of ‘creepy’ behavior or mental decline

The president pretended to consume the fake treat while holding a Halloween event at the White House.


Mikael Thalen


In yet another example of America’s ailing political health, footage of President Joe Biden pretending to lick a fake ice cream cone has somehow stirred up the internet.

During a Halloween event at the White House on Monday evening, Biden made it appear as if he was eating a frozen treat while interacting with a small child.

The moment was seemingly important enough to earn a post from RNC Research, a group run by the Republican National Committee whose stated goal is to expose “the lies, hypocrisy, and failed far-left policies of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.”

“Biden grabs a taste of a child’s fake ice cream cone,” the group wrote.

The video led to an influx of remarks from conservatives, who described the display by Biden as “creepy.”

Biden has long been accused of not respecting the boundaries of children in his attempts to be friendly. This has led to such nicknames as “Creepy Joe.”

“He’s so disgusting,” one user on X wrote.

“Ok, weirdo,” another said.

Others, though, chose to attack Biden for his age.

“He thinks it’s real,” added one, echoing the many conservatives who have accused Biden of losing his mental faculties over the years.

But the criticisms from conservatives were met with an avalanche of mockery from left-leaning users, many of who described the post as pathetically desperate.

“HOLY FUCK! Joe Biden is acting silly to make a child laugh!!!” a user joked. “Impeachment??? Treason??? Laptop????”

Others argued that the post highlighted that the RNC staffers running the account had clearly “never been loved or invited to things.”

“I wait for weeks and weeks for just one piece of RNC *~research~* where I can say ‘ehh okay that’s a fair criticism,’ but time and time again it’s just instances of Sperry-clad comms people using the account to reveal they’ve never been loved or invited to things,” one commenter said.

Ironically, or perhaps sadly, this is not the first time Biden and ice cream have been criticized.

Biden’s love of ice cream has been well-documented for at least the last decade. In 2013, a popular Tumblr blog was dedicated entirely to posting pictures of Biden eating the frozen treat. In 2020, Biden’s ice cream-eating habit even became a meme.

Then, just last year, Biden was widely criticized by conservatives for not only stopping for ice cream but for getting two scoops. Why? Because Biden’s ice cream visit apparently sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that America was weak.

But don’t expect Biden’s ice cream habit to lead to an impeachment anytime soon.

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