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Instagram photo albums may soon be a reality

You won’t have to spend forever deciding on just three pictures from one trip.


Phillip Tracy


Remember that time you went on a trip or attended some event, but were too lazy to post your pictures as they were being taken, and had no idea how to show your beautiful creations with the world without overwhelming everyone with dozens of images at once?

Instagram is currently testing a solution that will account for that.

The social media app pushed out a photo album feature on its Android beta app that allows users to upload multiple images and group them together.

Testers can combine up to 10 photos at a time and display them in one single package. Each photo can be edited and have filters added to it individually. We’re still not entirely sure how Instagram will display the albums in feeds and on profiles, but advertisers have been able to upload and show multiple images at once since March 2015.

If the feature is successful, it could find its way into a future app update for Instagram’s full-fledged iOS and Android applications.

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