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Twitter bans journalists, Anti-doping groups hacked, Facebook’s ad war drags on: ICYMI

Important news you may have missed on Friday, Aug. 12.


Dell Cameron


Published Aug 12, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 6:41 am CDT

Here’s some news you may have missed:

Twitter is enforcing bans on journalists critical of the Turkish government. The social media company says it attempts to contact journalists facing bans, but that doesn’t appear to be happening in many cases. Twitter has so far refused to address questions raised by our reporters.

Hackers attacked two anti-doping organizations affiliated with the Olympics. Phishing attempts via email were detected and one website was knocked offline by a DDoS attack. Russian athletes in particular have faced bans due to cheating.

In the middle of the night, the Daily Beast’s verified Twitter account began retweeting calls to fire one of the site’s own editors. The retweets disappeared shortly after. An article by Nico Hines about catfishing gay olympians, which outed closeted ones by name, was not received well by the outlet’s readership. Requests for comment by the Dot went unanswered

The creators of Cards against Humanity have launched a fundraiser which allows customers to decide between a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton pack. Regardless of which they choose, however, all of the money will eventually be donated to Clinton.

Master of Sarcasm Donald Trump has finally backed down from his claim that President Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS.

The LGBT Netflix has finally arrived: REVRY will begin streaming ‘queerated’ original programming this fall.

Facebook can block ads again after finding a workaround to Adblock’s workaround of Facebook’s ad-block workaround. This epic battle will likely continue for the foreseeable future, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it for you.  

Brendan Dassey’s murder conviction was overturned on Friday. Convicted in 2005 of killing a photographer with his uncle, Steven Avery, Dassey’s case went viral after it was featured on true-crime sensation Making a Murder.

If it seemed like a slow news day that’s probably because a hoax email—purportedly from “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli—trapped more than 460 journalists in an email thread for all of Friday. Unable to escape this evil, many of the reporters decided to meet up IRL for drinks instead.

There have been worse weeks.

A 22-year-old man was gunned down in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn last night for no apparent reason. –via New York Daily News

U.S. intelligence officials reportedly told top congressional leaders a year ago that Russian hackers were attacking the Democratic Party. –via Mark Hosenball and John Walcott, Reuters

Donald Trump doesn’t have any friends. At least, not the kind of friends other people have. Sad! –via Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish, Washington Post

Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine released their tax returns on Friday. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has refused to do so, furthering conspiracies about financial ties with Russia.via Hillary for America

Trump continued to suggest his campaign is doing dandy, despite a letter signed by 70 Republicans asking the RNC to divert funding to down-ballot races. “I don’t know that we need to get out the vote,” Trump said. –via Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo.

The reason for Trump’s popularity may have finally been uncovered—and it’s not what most political observers thought. A Gallup study based on 87,000 interviews found that Trump supporters have not been disproportionately affected by a changing economy or immigration—but their neighbors have. –via Max Ehrenfreund and Jeff Guo, Washington Post

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*First Published: Aug 12, 2016, 8:32 pm CDT