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Tucker Carlson can’t share damning Hunter Biden documents because they were lost in the mail

OK dude.


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Whether Hunter Biden and his supposed dealings with China will sway the 2020 election in the way that Hillary Clinton’s emails influenced the 2016 outcome seems doubtful. But one thing is for sure: Conservatives sure seem to believe it will.

In doing so, they’ve hyped dubious conspiracies and floated heinous allegations that they hope a credulous audience will buy. And now, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has quite the whopper he wants his audience to buy.

He has the goods on Hunter Biden, he says, but they were stolen from the mail.

In his segment, Carlson said he received from a source a collection of “damning” documents. But at the time, Carlson was in California. He asked them to be shipped through a large national carrier, but they never arrived. Instead, the company said the package had been opened and the documents were stolen.

Carlson credited the unnamed company for responding promptly and taking him seriously, but it was unable to find anything and has no idea what happened.

So in this conspiracy, someone in the government/Democratic National Committee was monitoring Carlson and his staff; found out about the documents and the planned delivery; managed to break into a sorting facility, drop-off-location, or truck and steal the documents… but not take the package; and escape without anyone noticing.

All to stop a Hunter Biden story, the likes of which a million have been published already.

Not a lot of people bought Carlson’s story. In his defense, he didn’t have to bring it up and subject himself to the scorn and mockery of the web. Unless he really wanted you to believe the Biden family is as dastardly as the Clinton family.

Others brought up the other wild right-wing conspiracy from this week, that Joe Biden was shutting off routers to prevent articles about him being mailed to editors.

If Biden does have this ability, it may just be a selling point after what’s happened to the USPS.

Update 11:04am CT: In a statement to the Daily Beast, UPS confirmed the incident and said it was urgently looking into the matter.

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