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Follow these emoji hashtags for the best of Instagram

It’s always a good time to #pineapple.


Jam Kotenko


This week, Instagram fulfilled all our wildest dreams by not only giving us three new filters to use, but also allowing users to finally use emoji hashtags.

To help you get started on tagging your photos with your favorite emoticons, we’ve rounded up a couple of already-existing emoji hashtags (props to the Instagrammers who are ahead of the times!) that you can start following and using right now.

For your daily dose of cute

#🐶 and #🐱 are always a good place to start, but if you want to level up on the adorable meter, add the 💤 emoji and then you’re golden.

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Be sure to end your Instagram food trip with dessert, the most important part of any meal. #(ice cream cone), #(shortcake), #🍩, and #🍬 are some of the most used emojis in this department.

For random motivation, you can click on either #(artist palette) or #📷.

All told, you can’t go wrong. But whatever you do, don’t search #eggplant.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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