Google Maps now lets you track and share your favorite spots with Lists


Google Maps wants to help you keep track of all the awesome places you’ve visited, or hope to visit. With a new Lists feature rolling out today for iOS and Android, you can keep an organized list of your favorite must-see tourist spots, restaurants, or hiking destinations, and then easily share them with friends.

With other apps such as Airbnb expanding into flights and experiences, Lists is an easy way Google Maps can better aid you while you’re traveling. Instead of hopping from app to app to check where you should head next, you can simply pull up a List to see what’s near you (given you’ve done some research beforehand), and get directions to that spot. It could also be useful if you need to break out of a restaurant rut, or if you’re giving advice to friends who are visiting an area you’re familiar with. Sharing a link to a Google Maps list you’ve made could be a lot more helpful than just shooting over a bunch of random Yelp links.

To create a list, head to the Google Maps app, find a place (whether it’s a business or a destination), and tap the Save icon. You can then store that location in one of a few preset lists, such as “Favorites” and “Want to go,” or you can add it to a new list of your choosing.

To peruse items you’ve saved to your lists, tap on “Your Places” in the Google Maps side menu, then tap the Saved tab. From there, any place you’ve saved to a list will show up as an icon on your map, which should make it easier to check if you’re near any cool spots you’ve been meaning to check out.

If you want to share a list with a friend or family member, you can just tap the share button to send them a link. Lists are viewable on mobile and desktop, and can be made public or private.

H/T TechCrunch