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Facebook is developing a coronavirus-themed reaction button

The coronavirus button will be next to other reactions, such as the ‘like’ and ‘heart’ emojis.


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Facebook is in the process of developing a new reaction button based on the coronavirus pandemic.

The feature was discovered by prominent app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who shared an image of the button on Twitter Monday.

“Facebook is working on a COVID-19 themed reaction,” Wong said.

The button, which resembles a heart, is similar in appearance to an icon already used by Facebook for its new “COVID-19 Information Center Feature.”

A sticker showing a heart over a house is also being used on Facebook-owned Instagram to encourage users to stay inside amid the outbreak.

Facebook first introduced reaction buttons in 2015, allowing users to respond to posts with several emojis as opposed to just a thumbs up.

Facebook, according to Mashable, confirmed development of the coronavirus button but declined to provide further details.

It remains unclear what exactly the button’s purpose will be, whether to provide encouragement to those practicing social distancing or something else entirely. It’s also unknown when the button will become available to Facebook users.

The social media company also revealed this week that it intends to invest $100 million in news outlets struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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