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The 2019 emoji will be wildly diverse and inclusive

Get ready for the service dog.


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The Unicode Consortium, the organization in charge of selecting which emoji make it to your phone, unveiled its candidates for 2019 on Thursday—and the list is extensive and diverse.

The 2019 additions offer a more diverse group of emoji including an ear with a hearing aid, a service dog (!), orangutan, mechanical limbs, wheelchair variations, and a Hindu temple.

The new emoji options will also include more diverse skin coloring and the ability to make those standing emoji hold hands.

It also announced eight Emoji Provisional Candidates for 2020. These include a ninja, military helmet, mammoth, feather, dodo bird, magic wand, carpentry saw, and a screwdriver. The tool, not the alcoholic drink.

Every year, new emoji are added, and 2018 saw the addition of emoji like the redhead, lobster, llama, a microbe, and a bald guy. There are 137,374 emoji available.

The UTC explained that the entire list of draft candidates is not final. All of the potential inclusions for 2019 will be reviewed and finalized in September.

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