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Terrorist group allegedly uses Donald Trump soundbite in recruitment video

Trump was accused last month of being a recruiting tool for jihadists.


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Al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia has reportedly released a new video featuring Donald Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from entering the country.

The 2016 Republican frontrunner called for a “total and complete shutdown” of the entry of Muslims to the United States in early December,” until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on,” he said.

“The West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens.”

The soundbite of Trump announcing his proposal during a campaign speech in South Carolina was used in a purported jihadist recruitment video published Friday by the media wing of al-Shabaab, Al Qaeda’s Somalia-based affiliate.

During a Democratic debate last month, Hillary Clinton claimed Trump was becoming “ISIS’s best recruiter,” and that terrorists were using videos of him “insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

As a branch of Al Qaeda, Shabaab is the Islamic State‘s rival, though a handful of its fighters reportedly defected late last year.

Trump’s speech is preceded by footage of the radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki—an American killed in 2011 by a U.S. drone strike in Yemen—warning of a “malignant hatred” growing towards Muslims.

“Yesterday, America was a land of slavery, segregation, lynching, and Ku Klux Klan,” Awlaki says. “And tomorrow it will be a land of religious discrimination and concentration camps.”

“The West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens,” adds Awlaki, following Trump’s statements.

The nearly hourlong video, which was published by the SITE Intelligence Group, also depicts images of unarmed black men killed by police, including Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Walter Scott in South Carolina. 

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