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Deplatformed: Critical immigration theory

The sequel to Critical Race Theory is supposedly on its way.


David Covucci


Posted on Feb 2, 2024   Updated on Feb 3, 2024, 12:23 am CST

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1) Critical immigration theory

America is nothing without its franchise IP. Marvel, DC, CRT.

Just like Hollywood studios continue to churn out content based on pre-existing conceits that Americans once loved, force-feeding them more and more of the same slop (Aquaman 2Ant-Man 3), the far-right figureheads leading the national culture war are adopting the same model.

After lobbying for over years about the damages Critical Race Theory is doing, they’ve dropped its sequel: Critical Immigration Theory.

CRT posits that systemic racism is an inherent part of America’s past and understanding that is essential to grasping how our nation works today.

Now, one of the most vocal hypers of CRT is using his platforms on far-right alt-media to hype that CIT is here.

“I keep saying Critical Immigration Theory is coming. What’s that going to look like? What’s it going to do? When will it really drop? Let’s think it through,” wrote James Lindsay on Gettr. “Critical Immigration Theory is going to be a global-reach extension of Critical Race Theory, which is very American. The idea is simple. Illegal immigrants are ‘oppressed,’ and national citizens are ‘oppressors’ through the system of national citizenship.”

While one might say that immigration has been essential to America and understanding that, similar to CRT, can help you grok the makeup of the nation, the idea is that immigrants will be exalted above “regular” Americans, much in the way the far-right believes it’s now impossible to get a job as a white person these days.

The charge is being led by Lindsay, who in recent days has been flooding sites like Gettr with his belief CIT is about to be implemented.

“Critical Immigration Theory will be deployed in part as operational preparation of the environment as tensions mount and things get exposed. It will be deployed as a full mass line after some Jorge Floyd event blasts it into normie consciousness in a Regime-advantageous war,” speculating that the death of an immigrant at the border—which has already repeatedly happened—would bring about a mass protest or riot on the scale of 2020’s racial justice protests to force the border to remain open and grant blanket amnesty to migrants.

Lindsay also flagged a recent study on “global citizenship,” claiming that CIT would wipe out Americanness, just like the far-right believes CRT is trying to wipe out faith and love of America.

“Are you ready?” Lindsay asked. 

2) Musk’s head chip head fake

Two big headlines happened with Elon Musk yesterday. In the morning, he announced he put a computer chip in a human. In the afternoon, a Delaware court voided his $56 billion Tesla pay package.

On Bluesky, users saw Musk’s unproven Neuralink announcement as a way to deflect attention from the massive L he took to his net worth.

“Ohhhhh NOW I get why he started blathering about brain chips,” went one viral post. “Everyone who follows him … who saw that Neuralink tweet was immediately posting to be on the lookout for whatever bad news cycle he was trying to get out in front of.”

“and now we know why Neuralink had a big story this week,” said another.

This isn’t the first time Musk has been accused of an elaborate head fake as bad news approaches or breaks.

He once changed the logo of X to the doge meme, which people speculated came because he was being sued over his involvement with the crypto coin.

3) Trump’s secret stock market ploy

Over on Rumble, former President Donald Trump’s elaborate, 4-D chess game is back.

On X22 Report’s channel, a new video claimed Trump just completely baited the Democrats into taking success for the stock market’s rise, part of a well-planned 2024 gambit.

The stock market has been on a tear lately, and President Joe Biden has used the momentum of it to ding Trump, flagging old posts the former president made about how it would crater under Biden.

Trump fired back, claiming the market was responding to his two primary wins and the belief he would be re-elected.

That post, X22 says, was designed to make Democrats respond and demand credit. It’s something Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) did by saying “Bidenomics is working.”

But Trump secretly knows, according to the video, that the market is going to crash. And so Trump is secretly setting up Democrats to “own” the stock market and use that dip to fuel his presidential campaign.

Of course, the video also claims the deep state will be the ones behind the market crash, which doesn’t really explain why, if the deep state wanted Biden to stay in office, they’d crash the market.

But maybe that’s just 5-D chess we’ll get to in October. 

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2024, 6:00 am CST