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Tesla fans say their Cybertruck deliveries are being delayed—as company announces mass layoffs

Tesla had a rough couple of days.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on Apr 15, 2024

Tesla fans are cataloging their disappointment online after receiving updates from the company that their deliveries on the Cybertruck would be delayed.

According to a report from Teslarati on Saturday, customer forums filled up with reports last Friday about messages from Tesla updating them that there’d been an “unexpected delay” in delivery time for the trucks.

“We have just been informed of an unexpected delay regarding the preparation of your vehicle,” read one of the messages. “We need to cancel your delivery appointment for tomorrow and we will reach out again when we’re able to get you back on the schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hosting your Cybertruck delivery soon!”

News of the delays spread across Tesla forums, where fans and customers shared their own reactions about the delays.

“My delivery is delayed now,” posted u/Creative-Grocery2581 on a thread on the r/cybertruck subdreddit, supplying a screenshot of a text from the company with similar language to the one reported in the Teslarati article.

“I had already taken the day off from work. Will just work on the garage to make it more exciting when the truck is ready. Fingers crossed.”

“I believe someone else said it’s a pedal issue?” aksed u/RamboTrucker.

According to the Teslarati article, some users on the Cybertruck Owner’s Club Forum posted that the delays were because of an issue with an accelerator lubricant, which was making the pedal slip.

“Cancel while you still can!” advised u/MarcusTheSarcastic.

“You have a point. I never owned Tesla or EV or Truck,” u/Creative-Grocery2581 replied. “It will be a lot for me to take. But I’ve already paid in full. Not sure if I can cancel at this point.”

Cybertruck owners who’ve got access to an early edition of the vehicle called the Cyberbeast have shared stories on social media about mechanical and software issues with the vehicles over the past few weeks. One owner posted on X at the beginning of the month about not being able to restart the truck after it broke down with just 21 miles on the odometer. And a YouTuber documented five critical failures in his first 40 miles with the truck.

While the reports were worrying some posters, others maintained that it wasn’t a big deal and that there were always problems when new vehicles are rolled out.

“Tons of Cybertrucks in Austin facility” posted u/mndzain a thread on r/cybertruck, over a photo of a row of the silver vehicles. “Just passed by the factory and across the highway they had a long line of trucks just sitting there at least the last couple days.” 

“These trucks are there awaiting a minor fix for the accelerator pedal,” replied u/starshiptraveler in response to a post declaring that Cybertruck hype is over. “Every one of them is allocated for eager customers. Tesla has a ridiculous number of preorders and more keep coming in every day.”

However, things aren’t quite rosy in Tesla land, despite customers’ wishes. The company told employees it would be laying off around 10% of its workforce, or approximately 14,000 people. 

One poster on r/teslamotors wrote that he worked at Tesla’s Fremont Factory and had received an email announcing that workers who got a second email were being laid off.

“We are all shocked, nervous, and scared; hoping we didn’t get a second email.”

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*First Published: Apr 15, 2024, 5:36 pm CDT